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  • We put together a list of our favorite games this year. Some of these are a bit older than 2019 but ultimately these were the games we loved and we played the most throughout the year. You might notice it's a pretty eclectic list: this is not an accident. The world is changing and IOgames are no different. This year we published a variety of iogames with unique mechanics. Everything from music trivia games, to casino-style games. We wanted this list to reflect not only our favorite games but the full field of options available in iogames. Some of thee games are a bit older than 2019 but none the less we played them a ton in 2019. 


    01. Little Big Snake


    We’re so proud of Little Big Snake we’re gonna put it on every list and every article we write. But can you honestly blame us? Triple-A quality graphics, missions, campaigns, and the ability to level up and customize your snake to an incredible degree. It’s desktop, its mobile, it's our baby and we hope you love it as much as we do. 


    When you play you’ll be forgiven if you find yourself transported back to the ’80s, sorrowfully yearning for your MTV. While most people consider the graphics of Krunker to basically be Minecraft for snipers, we like to think that voxel style people look a lot like the overworked and underpaid warehouse workers in Dire Straits “Money for Nothing” video.

    Krunker is the best browser-based shooting games to come out in 2019. But, don’t take our word for it. Plenty of people are talking about it from Gamespace to Reddit. The game has a deep bench of available guns and each weapon is just different enough to let you experience the game differently with every choice you make. Not to mention the constant updates and near-endless amount of character skins and cool maps. 


    If you build it, you will win. At least that is the theory behind, a neo-classic 2-D shooter and strategy game. isn’t just about spawn camping and 360 no scope-headshots. In this game you have to gather resources to craft different kinds of buildings and which let you up[grade your weapons. The more you build the stronger you get. The stronger you get, the more you can do. And there is a lot to do in Build Royale. Raid other players' towers, steal their resources, upgrade your gear and dominate the map.

    While the game itself was released at the end of 2018, it really came into its own in 2019. There are a lot of build and battle games out there right now but has really risen to the top.  


    Hey, remember stick games? For most people, the concept off desktop gaming is so intertwined with stick games that you can’t peel them apart. They are baked into the DNA of free browser-based gaming and now with, we’re seeing a return of the stick. is a side-scrolling platform blaster with an interesting mechanic where you can collect a variety of weapons but there is a time limit on how long you can use them. Racking up kills is fulfilling in this game as a result of the cartoonish explosions. Stick games aren’t known for their graphics but the neon violence in this game is quite a sight to behold. Will this game kick off the second renaissance of stick games? 

    We shall see. We shall see. 


    The second sequel in the always popular Yorg series finally dropped in 2019 and we couldn’t be happier. What's not to love? A zombie apocalypse, route building, tower defense and the ability to play solo or online! Sign us up. Though, you don’t actually have to sign up to play. Anyway, there are a lot of moving parts in this game and you can really see the evolution in its gameplay and quality. If you’ve got some time to kill and want a brain-burning zombie smashing challenge then this is it. Look no further. 


    The days of rolling a snowball with your hand and throwing it at someone are long over. This is the future, this is An arena fighting game where you drive your Zamboni around an iceberg and slowly roll up a massive snowball that you can either use to push your opponents off the map or launch at them from long range. And that is it. That is the whole game. It’ true brilliance is in its simplicity, its elegance. This game will offer you a bunch of small fun decisions and a lightning-fast game loop that will have you addicted from the second you start until the moment you win. 


    The casino is everywhere. This game is one of the first and definitely the best match-three iogame out there. This is a neon blast of multiplayer tactics and arena-style battle. Pit yourself and your ability to recognize patterns against other players and see if you can outperform them in this timed battle. This game is an aesthetically pleasing and challenging brain-burning puzzle. It's the best looking match-three game you’ll ever play and probably the only one you can do against dozens of other players. While match-three games aren’t exactly original, turning them into an iogame free for all is a unique twist. Definitely one of the coolest games of 2019. 


    You run, you slide, you hit a bump and take a ride. is a unique racing game where players travel in 3rd person down a long and winding waterslide. You have to bump into, avoid and overcome other players or you can take the risk of jumping over the side and trying to navigate your way through the air back onto the slide ahead of the race. 

    This is a fun and challenging twist on both iogames and race games. Another classic take on the old iogame formula: simple mechanics, lightning-fast game loops, and intuitive, multiplayer play. 


    Here it is another stick game. Are we seeing the rise of stick games yet again? Will iogames be the new home of the stick genre? Should stick games be on #trendwatch for 2020? Only time will tell. But what we can say is that Tangies is actually a pretty cool game. 

    The sky is falling and all you can do is run and avoid the tangerines smashing all around you. You can see the faint outline of opposing players as they run and avoid the tangerines themselves. Whoever lives the longest wins. It's a throwback to the classic weird stick games of desktops golden age. A definite change of pace from the typical build and shoot style iogames that seem to dominate the market right now and a welcome change. 

    10. Airport Clash 3-D

    Imagine a cartoon airport map that never changes. It only has two starting areas and a few weapons. The matches are timed and whichever team gets the most kills wins. That’s it. That is all there is. So, why is this game so dang good? It’s the upgrades! Slowly you’ll be able to upgrade your damage, health, and other stats. Toggling these stats requires experience points and keeps the game fresh and exciting as no two enemies are ever the same. The map and capture the flag mission never change but the replay is still pretty high-level. 


    So, there are our favorite games we played in 2019. Your list may differ. You may prefer a completely different style of game. That is the beauty of iogames. So many different styles and ways to play. All hail browser-based gaming. Sound off with your favorite iogames in the comments. 


  • We get a lot of questions around here about free online gaming. It makes sense, we’ve been around a long time, and for a lot of people, Addicting Games is what they think of when they think of free online games. 

    So, in the spirit of internet explainers and listicles we’ve put together a quick little F.A.Q we hope will answer the most common questions out there.

    Which Games Can I Play For Free? 

    OK, this is a trick question right? Because you can play a lot of games for free. Eye Spy With My Little Eye is a free game, so is Tag. If you’re feeling up to it, why not give Hide And Seek a try? So, to be more precise, we're just gonna assume that people mean “what online games can I play for free?” 

    Still kind of a broader question than you might think. 

    See, Fortnight is technically a free game. You can download and play it for free on your PC, Nintendo Switch, X-Box, PS4, and iOS. And Steam offers more free games than we could reasonably list. You could also download any number of apps for free, but since you asked us you were probably talking about browser-based games right? If you’re looking for free browser-based games, then the truth is you’re still spoiled for choice. Not only is there our own selection of New Games, Mobile Games, and Instant Games. There are also at least a half dozen other sites out there publishing free games. Websites like Kongregate or Miniclip are stalwart online publishers who have been putting out great games almost as long as browser-based gaming has been a thing. You can also check out for free io-games or Kizi for simpler more classic games. 

    Basically: choose your poison. Do you want a highly polished, infamous arena shooter like Fortnight? Are you looking to discover a hidden indie treasure like Card Hunter or would you like to click through endless online classics like Little Big Snake and The Impossible Quiz? We’re always going to rep our own stuff so if you’re asking “What games can I play for free” then Little Big Snake is the answer. 

    What Is The Best Free Game? 

    Objectively speaking the best free game is “The Game” and you just lost because now you’re thinking about “The Game.”  Beyond that, it’s all opinion. Of course, we’d like to think Little Big Snake is the best free game. Also, Noob and Kugeln are amongst some of the best free games out there but we are a little bias in that regard. The truth is that the best free game is the one that tickles your pickle at that particular moment. Like we stated above; Fortnight is basically a triple-A style arena shooter and it is as popular and accessible as free games come, that doesn’t mean it's objectively the best game out there. If you’re in the right mood you could burn a day playing through the entire Bloons series or an idle RPG like Firestone. Heck, if you’re in a certain headspace you could spend hours on some of our instant games which are minimal and as easy as it comes.

    So, to answer your question: Which is the Best Free Game? What is the sound of an App downloading? How many clicks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie roll?

    Do you See?

    What Are The Best Free Online Game Websites?

    OK, this one is a little easier. The best free online game website is Addicting Games This is a fact. This is the truth. This is a universal rule that has been handed down from up on high.Sure, you can make a case for Miniclip, Agame, Kongregate, or Freeonlinegames. But why would you want to? You’re already here.

    What are some fun games?

    Little Big Snake, Starve, Krunker and maybe Superhot. That is if we’re talking free browser-based games. Again, as we stated earlier Tag is free and still holds up today, but you need to be physically active and have friends to play it which --if you think about it-- is actually pretty exclusive, kind of privileged, and just limits the potential audience for the game. Thus you can sit back and play some free online games safe in the knowledge that they do not exclude anyone from enjoying themselves.

    Thank you for reading and please keep the questions coming. 


  • All video games are valid and all gamers are authentic. Whether you like to play casual games like the ones we publish in our new games section or you are a devout console gamer: we're all on the same team. We all play games and we all have strong opinions on them. This is why we're introducing a semi-regular series of game reviews. These reviews won't just be about iogames, mobile games or the kind of desktop games we publish: they will be about all games. We look forward to talking about everything from the new hotness to obscure diamonds in the rough. So, it seems fitting that we kick things off with a review of a remastered game from ten years ago which itself was based on a property from the '80s, there is something about that kind of nested nostalgia that just screams


                         (Photo: Terminal Reality)


    In 2009 'Ghostbusters' fans finally got not only a great game but an unofficial sequel. Terminal Reality delivered by bringing back all four original Ghostbusters, and a few surprise guests. The dialog felt genuine thanks to the writing talents of Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis. The sounds, specters, and music were spot on. Gamers could now wrangle ghosts, trap them, and cause millions of dollars in property damage. 'Ghostbusters: The Video Game' was an imperfect affair but delivered on the core mechanics fans wanted. Sadly, a followup to this outing never manifested, but an upscaled remaster did.

    While 'Ghostbusters: The Video Game' as a whole is a worthwhile single-player romp made specifically for fans of the franchise, do a few visual and technical upgrades make another purchase necessary?

    On a technical side, the 'Remastered' version of the game runs better than the '09 release ... mostly. Textures are a little clearer; the player can now almost make out what's on Janine's computer screen, and the infamous ending screen from the original NES 'Ghostbusters' game can be clearly read in its entirety on Egon's computer, spelling errors and all. This doesn't mean everything is high resolution, though.

    'Ghostbusters: The Video Game' is still a decade-old title. Nothing was rebuilt with a new engine. No new assets were added. Pictures and newspapers plastered on the walls of the firehouse are quite ugly closeup. Textures are washed out in some areas. Geometry can be a bit sketchy sometimes. Character models still sport plastic-like skin, though the various imperfections, pockmarks, and scars are better defined. The proton pack gets a tiny boost in detail, but the physics of the hose that connects the neutrino wand to the pack behaves differently between the two versions. Occasionally some of the scripted elements that move the game forward do not trigger, but this bug was also present in the 360 version. Check out our side-by-side comparison video below for these little oddities.

    There are improvements that aren't just cosmetic, however. The framerate is a huge improvement. The 360 release had a lot of janky moments. Too many enemies on the screen at one time when all four or five Ghostbusters discharging their proton streams would strain the last-gen consoles. In 2019, thankfully, this problem does not exist.

    There is an improvement that turned out to unwelcomed: the surround sound. Having played the 360 version back-to-back with the 'Remastered', it was quite noticeable. In the original, all the voices from the Ghostbusters are always loaded into the front speakers. The 'Remastered' release has the voices appear in true surround. The issue here is much of the banter gets muted if the Rookie has his back to the gang. Even if Ray or Peter were just behind the Rookie's shoulder, there was a massive decibel drop in their dialog.

    The overall appearance is far prettier. Fewer jaggy edges. Less chug. This all does come at a price: missing content. The multiplayer has been completely removed. Busting ghosts with friends in the decidedly limited online modes were fun, but not defined enough to be sorely missed. The DLC outfits are also gone. Players will be stuck with the basic beige jumpsuit with no option to don the dark gray 'Ghostbusters II' duds. The Ecto-1 mini-documentary where the original film vehicle is restored and Dan Aykroyd gushes at the outcome is still there. However, all the extra videos are locked until the game is complete. This is an odd thing to do considering a couple of them are just advertisements for the first film and a blu-ray that came out some time ago.

    'Ghostbusters: The Video Game' is made for fans of the franchise, period. It continues the story and lore that was set in motion in 1984 and ups the scale of not only the locations but of the ghosts. Wandered what a 'sloar' was that the Vinz Clortho mentioned in the first film? You get to battle one face-to-face. Want to take on Gozer's Stay Puft destructor form again? Oh, that happens over the course of an entire chapter! Always wanted to know if Ivo Shandor had other conduits like the one found on the top of Dana Barrett's building? Oh, yes!

    The game, even back in '09, hit most of the things fans wanted out of a 'Ghostbusters' game. The player may not get to drive around New York in an open world situation. The title presents a linear, story-driving outing with the original cast that filled the void when a second sequel should have been, that is until Jason Reitman's 2020 film.

    The release price of $29.99 is a little high since features were stripped and the original is backward compatible with the Xbox One. For those who passed up the original a decade ago, the remaster would be the best version to experience. Perhaps that's exactly who this is for, those who didn't get the original experience, but want a cleaner presentation.


  • Is one of the largest libraries of flash games. Featuring such classics as Clear Vision, Age of War and Fancy Pants, AG has been around for a long time. Many millennials fondly remember playing games on AG during class in middle school. Flash is an integral part of early internet culture. That being said, what will happen to websites like AG after Google Chrome, and other major browsers, completely discontinue flash in 2020?

    Many have asked the question and I’m here to provide answers!

    The truth is that we’ve been hard at work at Addicting Games to assure the future of browser gaming. Sure, most of our games library is currently in Flash, but we’ve been attacking the problem from multiple fronts. How do we intend to survive the inevitable Flash Doomsday event in 2020?

    1. Investing in IO Games

    IO Games are free multiplayer browser games, typically built in HTML5, that anyone can play without needing to login or sign up. A great example of an io game is These games are massively popular, standalone titles and standalone websites that have their own communities. IO game culture is very much different from flash game culture because the focus is more on multiplayer experiences.

    Through our IO Game sponsorship program, we’ve invested in many io games, such as and We’ve even produced some of our own, like and

    Easy-to-learn, easy-to-play, the gameplay loops for these games are typically much simpler than console games. IO Games are the ultimate form of casual gaming, because you don’t need to download, install, or update anything. Simply go to the address, and play. also released an IO games category this year, which features games like, Little Big Snake and

    We intend to continue to invest in IO game titles because we believe it to be the future of browser gaming.

    2. Convert flash titles to HTML5

    Not only do we want to look at the future (i.e. IO Games) but we also don’t want to forget the past (i.e. flash). Flash holds a special place in the heart of many gamers, and many of the games we feature are timeless flash classics. This is why we’ve invested an enormous amount of time and energy into converting our extensive flash library into HTML5. We’ve started with the hits, like The Impossible Quiz, Bubble Spinner and Kitten Cannon, and are now working our way through even some of our more obscure titles.

    It is a technically challenging feat: to convert thousands of titles from flash to HTML5. Although such automation tools exist, they are for the most part, abandoned due to the complexity of converting Flash to HTML5 in a reliable way. Mozilla discontinued project Shumway in 2015. Shumway was Mozilla’s answer to the flash problem; it was essentially a media player which would play flash in the browser. In regards to the discontinuation of the project, Mozilla engineer Chris Peterson stated “other product priorities are currently more important than propping up Flash.”

    We have adopted a similar strategy. Instead of “propping up” an old, dead technology with downloadables, hacks and perhaps third-party extensions, we have decided to embrace HTML5 and convert all of our best titles to the future-proof technology.

    We believe “nostalgia gaming” is a big part of the appeal of It’s a lot of fun to go back and play old titles and many of our users are concerned they won’t be able to after the discontinuation of flash. I’m here to quash that fear: AG’s library will remain, for the most part, completely intact after flash is finally laid to rest.

    3. Distributing HTML5 games

    HTML5 is not only great for multiplayer games, but the tech also enables a better and more seamless single-player experience. We’ve not thrown all our eggs in the “io games” basket but continue to invest in single-player experiences. Our current HTML5 single-player library consists of hundreds of games and we release dozens of more games every Thursday.

    Addicting Games isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. We intend to continue to be a part of the continuously growing and expanding culture of browser gaming. Our classic titles will always be available, to this generation of gamers and the next.

  • Hello, fans, followers, and friends! There has been some talk lately in the news about the casual gaming industry. Whether it’s one announcement or another about new game streaming services coming out, rumors about the shutdown of other beloved flash gaming sites, or the inevitable fate of Flash finally being revealed. There is a lot of movement going on in the casual gaming world right now. So, you might as well add this announcement to the pile: We are updating with all new games on Thursdays again. As of May 24th, 2019 we have begun updating again, every Wednesday at midnight — or Thursdays for you pedants. Longtime fans may have noticed that our Facebook was being revved back up after years of dormancy, our Twitter is tweeting again, and that there are a slow trickle of new games being released at irregular intervals. We also moved into a pretty chic new office over in sunny Santa Monica. These are but the first steps on our new journey and there is a lot more to come!

    You can now expect New Games every Thursday like in the good old days but unlike those games these won’t be made in Flash. Going forward our focus is going to be on delivering the same kinds of elegant but addictive puzzle and action games you remember us for but made with HTML5. This means that new games will be mobile ready and you can play them on our site from your phone! Seriously, go ahead and try some of the new games now. With a focus on fun, new HTML5 content we have been porting our most classic Flash games like The Impossible Quiz, Bubble Spinner, Kitten Cannon, and Age of War into HTML5 so you can play them on any device whenever you want. You can find these in our newly installed instant game section, check it out! Besides our new Puzzle Games, Action Games, and Instant Games section, we’ve also taken the world of iogames head on. We are publishing tons of new iogames all the time. If you don’t know what an iogame is, then check out our blog feature “What Are Iogames?”  Much like our new HTML5 games, iogames aren’t dependent on Flash and you’ll be able to play them online against friends and strangers around the world long after Flash is but a distant treasured memory.

    The truth is we’ve been really focused on iogames, everything from the classics like to our own games like and Little Big Snake. Oh, and speaking of Little big Snake: You should go download it in the Apple ios and Google Play stores. That’s right. Download it. Little Big Snake is the first mobile game we’ve released and we think it's the best version of a slither style game available out there. Little Big Snake features different missions, upgrades, side quests, customization options and some of the best art you’ll see in any iogame. It’s something that we’re really proud of and are excited to show off because of all the hard work that has gone into it.

    So, there it is: Addicting Games is publishing every Thursday again. We’ve got mobile-ready versions of old games we know you love, new HTML5 games you haven’t played yet, the best io games online and Little Big Snake is available in the app store! We’re also going to be using this blog section to drop the latest news on what we’re up to —and believe us it's big— interviews with game developers, tutorials, the occasional top ten list and fun articles about the history of Flash, different game mechanics, and other cool stuff.

    If you liked what you’ve just read please share it with your friends, check us out on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for the latest updates. And, if you are a game developer we wanna hear from you!