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Halloween Updates From The Depths Of The Addicting Games Network

So, be careful out there and have fun.

Addicting Games Is 20 Years Old!

From our humble beginnings as a simple portal site with a DIY attitude and Comic Sans logo to our current incarnation as an innovative studio and

Addicting Games Merch Is Here

The Five Addicting Games You Need To Play Right Now

The Most Addicting Games Of 2022 (So Far)

Enter The Fractal Cup EV.IO Tournament And Win Big!

The games themselves will take place Saturday and Sunday. To keep things for real (for real) we will only be doing Team Deathmatch, 3 on 3 like

Answering Those FAQ About And NFTs

Hello, gamer friends. This is your favorite online gaming websitAddicting Games speaking. We are a gaming publisher that has been around for over Is Getting Into NFTs Season 2 Is Here!!!

Addicting Games Goes from 2021 To 2022 And Beyond

If unveiling our entire inventory of Flash games right when the entire world thought that the technology was dead wasn’t a cool enough

Little Big Snake Introduces Pets!

.img-container { text-align: center; } .img-container { text-align: center; } Is The Newest Addicting Game

More Monster Games For This Halloween

Who is the Jack o’copter? Where does he come from? What does he want? Is the Jack o’copter a good guy, a bad guy, or something darker still? We

Addicting Games Acquires Tank Game

Who Are Our Favorite Streamers and Influencers?

The Addicting Games Sphere Of Influence

  If you think you’re ready to dive into all of that then let us begin. — Shockwave Games (@Shockwavedotcom)

How To Play Flash Games in 2021

Those of you in the know already know that we moved on from Flash a long time ago. We've been the premeire publisher of IOGames and HTML5 Is the Newest Addicting Game

  But for now, we’re just going to cover the most basic of the basics. Like most of our games, was in development for a good little

Little Big Snake Is On Discord And We Want You To Join Us

Flash And The Future Of Addicting Games

Typeracer Is Getting A Major Make-Over

Our Ten Best Halloween Games

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Developer Of Talks About Sale To Addicting Games.

Stan Tatarnykov has been designing video

Is Little Big Snake Coming To Nintendo Switch?

Addicting Questions And Addicting Answers

Now —as always— you can play all of our games for free. We don’t have a “free game” section because all of the games we publish are free to play.

Announcing Addicting Games Subscription Service

Saving Classic Flash Games

  Remember this game? Well, it is back. And if you want to know a little secret it’s life isn’t gonna end with this port. We’re

Our Favorite Games To Play In 2019


What Are The Best Free Games?

Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered and Reviewed


The future of online browser games

What Is Addicting Games Up To?

What are io games?

Interview with the designer of and

The top ten Flash games of all time