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Addicting Questions And Addicting Answers

posted on Sunday, 14/06/2020, 2:23 AM

Hello, gamer friends. We’re chugging along putting out 8 new games a week like we always have and thought we’d take a moment to answer some questions about our games and publishing schedules that fans keep asking. With the introduction of our new Game Pass feature, some users have been asking about which games are still free, where we get our games, and even what some of the best games that we’ve published are  So, we put together a quick little guide to answer all of these questions for you. We're also linking to some of our favorite games and some of our best games. Please check it out and share it with a friend.

What Games Can I Play For Free?
Now —as always— you can play all of our games for free. We don’t have a “free game” section because all of the games we publish are free to play. Our New Games, Mobile Games, and Action Games are now and will always be free of charge. While we have thousands of free games these are our suggestions for people new to the site. 

  • Like A Boss. This is a game about tapping, balance, and going the distance. Easy to learn, fun to play, impossible to master. The backgrounds are cool and retro and the longer you play the more cash you can earn to buy all kinds of cars from ice cream trucks to ambulances, cabs, and more.
  • Trench Runner. A first-person shooter where you do a never-ending trench run to destroy the empire. You’ll need to figure out how the force works if you wanna hit the top of the leaderboard with this one. The longer you play the faster the game gets which means you'll have to sharpen your reflexes and get good fast at flying fast. You'll also be taking shots at various bosses who drop bombs. A good trick for these guys is that you can hit them without them hitting you if you stay at the top of the screen.
  • Cube Trap. This is a highly addicting puzzle game where you need to switch colors, match colors, and collect items to score points. The maze never ends and it is always closing around you. Good luck! This is an interesting example of a logic puzzle that also uses spatial relations and path making. The neon colors are extremely minimalistic and help you escape into the game.

How do you get games?
This is actually one of the more common questions we receive about our collection of games. The interesting thing is that there isn’t one answer. Some are produced in house by our very own developers. We also acquire games that we really enjoy for publication on the site. The rest of our games are licensed from established or independent developers. This gives us a wide variety of content to choose from when we are looking for new games to publish.  Here are our three favorite in-house games.

  • Tactics Core. This is the ultimate isometric arena shooter where you choose your vehicle, join a team, and protect your base while coordinating an attack on the enemy team.
  • Build a platform, throw in some ramps, and challenge your friends. This is the ultimate excite-bike style iogame that can be played mobile or on desktop.
  • Bumper Cars. Smash and crash with the best and the worst of them in this demolition derby-style bumper car game from Mars.

What is the best free game?
We’ve answered this question with so many times that it is probably time to retire that game as champion and introduce some new blood.

  • A game that mixes the first-person, arena-style combat of Fortnite with the infinite customization and cube-based graphics of Minecraft. One of the cool things about this game is the endless user-made tunnels and fortresses that crisscross the various mountains in the game. Find a sniper rifle, jump into the maze, and take aim at some poor suckers.
  • Like A Boss. Hey, remember this game from earlier in the list? Well, ff you’re looking for something mobile and old school then check out Like A Boss. It’s a game of tapping, steering, and staying in line. You will lose often and you will lose fast but you will also just keep coming back for more and more.
  • WIZ. It’s a puzzle game, its a platformer. It’s a combination puzzle-platformer. Click it, solve it, see ya later bye. The 8-bit animations in this game are adorable. You'll love playing as a Wizard using his magic abilities to slide blocks and fin a path home. It's a cute but challenging puzzle game we're especially proud of.