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posted on Monday, 21/02/2022, 9:00 AM

Hello and welcome to the February update for Addicting games. Before we get started let us just talk a bit about what we mean when we say Addicting Games and indeed what it is we mean when we say “update.” As you know, Addicting games is a website, in fact, it is this website, the one that you’re on right now reading this very update. As a website, we’ve been around for a lot longer than most people know and we’ve been publishing top-tier games on and across that (this?) website.

Our site is currently optimized for mobile and that means you might only know us as a mobile site pushing fun, free games once a week. Currently, we don’t have an app you can download that is specifically labeled as “Addicting Games” and features a rotating selection of mini-games but we have gotten that suggestion multiple times and we’re thankful for all of our fans who think we don’t know what an app is or how they work. But we just wanna make it clear: don’t think we don’t got apps. Cause, oh boy, do we have apps. While searching the app store for the Addicting Games app might not return any results we do actually publish a few individual games as apps. That is right. Think about it. We’re not just a “website” we’re publishers, producers, and developers. That means our reach is far beyond the limits of any particular platform. 

Currently, we have two games you can download as individual apps: and Littlebigsnake. If you’re a repeat reader of this blog then you already know all about both games. Littlebigsnake is one of our proudest achievements and you can check out multiple stories about it or forget about everything we’ve ever written about the game itself and just go play it. We also have which is a newer game but also no stranger to the Addicting blog-o-sphere. We acquired this game a few years ago and actually did an interview with the developer.  It's a great interview and one that might be considered inspirational for aspiring game developers everywhere. If you haven’t read it yet then we believe it is a must-read, not just because we’re talking about season 2 later in this entry but because Stan is a cool guy and more people should know about him. We stan Stan and you should too. 

So, to be clear when we talk about Addicting Games sometimes we mean the website full of classic post-Flash games you know and love, and sometimes we mean the brand that develops produces, and releases stand-alone games like,, and Littlebigsnake. We can be both, we can be everything and we can do it all and more. It’s 2022, everything is up for grabs and you can’t be stuck in the past.  Now, about…

Well, has entered goblin mode, or as we’re calling it: Season 2. is the arena game you already know and love where you pick an animal, and just upgrade and evolve until you’re at the top of the food chain looking down at all the other lonely people below you. Well, now it's gotten bigger and better. Season two has been a long time coming and it is the end result of a lot of blood, sweat, tears, and spinal fluid as secreted by our top-tier development team. We’re proud to announce the 2nd season of! The evolution and survival-style IOgame is looking better and playing smoother thanks to a robust graphics update and a UI overhaul courtesy of our hard-working dev team. In Mope season 2, the terrain, in-game objects, and animals are more polished and realistic, thanks to a significant aesthetic makeover. For example, all art now uses UHD textures to improve players' look, vibe, and experience as they scurry around the map scavenging food to evolve while avoiding predators, hazardous terrain, and seasonal obstacles. We’ve also improved the UI and included a dynamically spawned map to the game. Mope now loads resources and objects in different places as the server starts, making it a different experience every time. This upgrade allows us to build out unique maps and possibly publish community-submitted maps in a future build. Our new Eggshell feature on the upgrade screen allows players to choose their next animal at their own pace after they’ve leveled up. It’s not the complete invincibility long-time players have dreamed of –because other players with a bit of patience can crack open the eggshell– but it offers more strategic space for players to customize their mopes.

So, there it is the big beautiful picture. Whether you wanna play on our site or go download the app and play on your mobile device anytime you want, we’re happy to have you in the arena. And hey, if you’re going to get the app you might as well tell your friends about it. Tell your enemies about it. Tell everyone. Why not? It’s a great game and you’re only going to enjoy it more if you’re playing side by side with your friends or toe to toe with your enemies.