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posted on Monday, 16/10/2023, 5:44 AM

Our flagship properties have quietly been optimizing, upgrading, and achieving their full potential. It's time to show them off and trumpet their If you’re here reading this, you’re probably already familiar with our games, Little Big Snake, and If you’re unfamiliar with these games, why are you here? The updates won’t matter if you don’t know the games in the first place. Click those links and discover the wonder of an island filled with wand-wielding apes, the terror of a snake-eat-snake pit, or the survival stylings of Our games are, first and foremost, to be played.

Everyone else who knows the score has slithered through the fire and crafted their own wands: please read on as we explain the updates across the board. We’ll start with an old fave: Little Big Snake, the little slither game that could, would, is, and will always be!

Little Big Snake is introducing four new pets! The pets update in January of 2022 was met with much enthusiasm from the community, and we’re hoping these four new beetle buddies will be welcome bug-friends. There is a drill beetle, a beetle-druid, the crystal beetle, and the toxi-beetle. Each will follow you into battle, each has its own set of stat buffs to give you a competitive edge, and all of them can be found by spending Rubies to do a search. Achieve your “squad goals” by curating your pet squad and bringing your beetle buddies into battle. Whether they’re increasing your view, speeding up your energy recovery, giving you a boost, or helping you eat better with a broader feeding radius, you can be sure that these beetles will only make the game you already love better. has released an iOS app allowing you to play on your mobile device. Yay! Regarding gaming, the future is in your pocket and at your fingertips. And what better way to celebrate the release of our launch to mobile than with a highly anticipated new Bird Monster. The Bird Monster is unlocked and yours to claim when you first play on mobile, and believe us when we say you’ll want to uncage the beast. The Bird Monster can fly (obviously) but also has the ability to “skydive” and slam into its prey, stunning it. It’s a new ability from a dangerously hawkish new animal, and we’re just giving it away! Many have wondered about the lore of the Monster Bird; where does it come from? Why does it slam so hard? Where did it learn to skydive? The truth is that we don’t know. We tried asking the bird, but it responded by slamming us in the face. Stunned, we’d forget what we were talking about and just move on to playing another game, like… is moving fast and looking fresh. That’s right, Apes-fans, your favorite game of Simian sorcery, has just hit the turbos and got some new fits. Not like it was lagging before. We don’t remember anyone complaining about our already fast-loading game. However, we’re constantly optimizing, continuously improving, and forever moving the goalposts. Where do you think the future is? Spoiler warning: it’s not behind you, it's not in the past, it’s not in settling, and it isn’t lying down on that comfy pile of laurels over in the corner. No, gamer-friend, the future is before us, and you can only get there by moving fast and looking good. That is precisely why our crack team of engineers has significantly reduced loading times. Now, the gameplay is like everybody's third favorite food delivery app: Seamless! But we didn’t stop there because we have a whole new wardrobe of skin options for you to express yourself. There are funky skins, quirky skins, colorful skins, and maybe even some goth skins; why not? That’s valid! It’s all a part of our ongoing commitment to making the ultimate browser shooter! And we value your feedback; in fact we love it! So, please share your thoughts, skin ideas, questions, concerns, COMPLIMENTS, and whatever else with us here in the comments or even over on our socials! WE LOVE IT!

Thank you for reading, and thank you for playing. If you liked what you read here, please share it with a friend and leave a comment. See you next time.