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Happy Holidays 2022 From Addicting Games.

posted on Friday, 23/12/2022, 9:18 AM

Happy holidays gamer friends; this is Addicting Games speaking! Well, it’s that time of the year again. A time of year that only ever seems to come once a year and often at the end of said year. That is right; we’re talking about Holiday times. Holiday times are a time for everyone to reflect on the previous year, spend time with their family --whoever that is-- and game the days away as we count down to a new year. We can’t help you with the reflection part or the family part, but we can certainly help you with the gaming part. Oh boy, can we help you with the gaming part. 

After all, gaming is what we do here. Whether it is publishing new games every week, or developing our own smash hit mobile titles like Little Big Snake,, and, or re-inventing the game with our revolutionary browser-based games like we have earned the name “Addicting Games,” by making some of the best games on the market. So, we offer up a rapid breakdown of some of our favorite Holidays themed updates on our own in-house games. Holiday updates are one of the funnest ways to celebrate the season and keep things fresh and exciting. And as you know, fresh and exciting is what gaming is all about. It is what we are all about. It is what ‘about’ is all about. 

In no particular order, we are going to start with This sci-fi arena shooter has long been the jewel in our crown, and 2022 was truly a banner year for this game. It won awards, it went mobile, and it introduced swords. SWORDS! If you thought the slap mode in Golden Eye was cool, it was! You are valid. But the swords in this game are better. It is incredibly cool to grab a sword and swing on a robot or a noob who doesn’t know to get too close.  Our crack team of engineers has cooked up some incredibly cool winter updates to celebrate this holiday season. First and foremost: snowflakes are everywhere. Some people try to make it rain. We made it snow. It's all water in the end, anyway. The snowflakes in are each unique. We used a special proprietary algorithm that pumps out millions upon millions of unique snowflakes to fall from the sky in the game. And a fun fact for you tech-heads out there is that our snowflake generator is based on the program used to create snowflakes for the simulation in which we all live. 

There is also a lot of snow. We have basically paved over every arena with snow. Remember the graveyard? Well, now it has snow. That’s pretty cool. All the other levels also have snow, and it is also cool. We throw in a ton of candy canes as well. Candy canes are the ionic pillars of Christmas time, and we were proud to include them in the game. There are a few other Easter Eggs out there for you to find. Maybe it's slippery in some areas. We leave it to you to find. 

Next up is everyone's favorite game about racing. That’s right; Typeracer is a game where you “race” metaphorically by typing. In this game, your typing speed and accuracy represent your words per minute score, and you can compare your words per minute or WPM against other players to leave them in your dust and devastate their egos. It's all good fun except when some people take it too personally and make it a whole thing. Anyway, right now, there is a Typing Stats Holiday Event. The rules are pretty simple. You sign up over at Typing Stats Typeracer. Your account will import over, and then you choose a team. After that, you and your friends are typing to inflict damage. The goal is to work together to decrease the opponent's team to zero. Then you will win and receive a point. As you play, you will also gain currency. The currency is represented by Snowflakes. You can use these snowflakes to boost your damage or to increase how fast you earn more snowflakes. Ultimately what you are working towards are the prizes. And what better prize for a typing competition than keyboards? Professional keyboards! We are also giving out a ton of Typeracer Merch. It's cool merch!  Be the first on your block to have a Typeracer shirt. Brag that you can type 100 words a minute with the 100 WPM CLUB shirt or lie about your ability to type 100 words per minute with our 100 WPM CLUB shirt. The possibilities are endless! We hope you’ll take the time to show off your skills and maybe win some gear this year over at and 

And last but not least, in order of importance but technically least in quantity of holiday content, we have Little Big Snake. This game needs no introduction as it more-or-less invented the slither-style genre of games and perfected them with its in-depth mechanics, upgrades, ongoing campaigns, characters, and skins. For a limited time, only Little Big Snake is offering up a pretty decent sale on some of its slithery skins as well as the limited edition Santa-style skin for purchase. This skin is proof that Santa is real and also a snake. Anyway, thanks for reading, and happy holidays. Remember, when you have nothing else, at least you have games, and games will always have you.