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Little Big Snake Is On Discord And We Want You To Join Us

posted on Friday, 02/04/2021, 8:17 AM

Little Big Snake is an IOGame with one of the most thriving fan bases on the internet. This doesn’t really come as a surprise to us because —after all— we love it and we’ve done our darnedest to share it with as many players as we can far and wide. Remember, we’re not only the owners of the game but we’re also huge fans of it as well. We’ve talked about it on this very blog several times, it's that good! We just plain love it, folks and we can see that the people who play it love it as well.

So, we want to shout out all of the fans who are already on the Little Big Snake Discord, posting fan art, making compilation videos, and keeping the vibe alive. You and all of the little snakelets out there who hang out on the Little Big Snake forums and @ us on Twitter are helping to sustain a flourishing social eco-system where fans can meet, share tips, challenge each other, show off clips of their favorite fails, kills, saves, and turnarounds. All of you are proof that the game is as good as we’ve always said. Thanks for playing and we want you to know that there is a lot of cool stuff coming down the pipe. We’re constantly adding new skins, arenas, hats, and more little Easter eggs we’re sure you’ll love. In fact, if you’re reading this blog you might already know that as of March 29th we’ve added two new arena skins! Check out Little Big Snake right now to try out a brand new desert theme and a leafy green, fresh and fruity forest theme.  We think these help flesh out the vibe of the game a little bit and give players something fun and new to choose from that is in the style of the game's already great AAA graphics.

Before we go we just wanna make sure everyone out there is as involved in the Little big Snake community as they can be. We have a lot of different social platforms out there and we just wanna make sure everyone is making the most of them get as much as they can out of this game and the community around it. So, before you go please check out our Little Big Snake Twitter over at It’s a popular little hub of its own and probably the best place to get updates about the game, new releases, contests, and whatever other little treats we’ll be dropping in the near future. Plus you can @ us and tell us what you think of the game, what you want to see, or maybe share your high scores. C’mon, it’ll be fun!

We’d also like to urge you to check out our fully moderated Little Big Snake Discord server at This is for the next level of fandom, for those who have crossed the Rubicon of snake-themed fandom and given themselves over fully to the biggest little snakes in gaming. The Discord already has a fan art section, and there are videos of players' greatest hits (and misses) as they play as well as weekly compilation vids of the week's best kills, saves, escapes, and flukes. Plus you can just chat, ask questions, enter contests, and who knows maybe make some friends, start a tribe, or find the perfect nemesis to challenge in the pit!

Thanks for playing everybody and cheers to all the snakes to come!