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Answering Those FAQ About And NFTs

posted on Saturday, 16/04/2022, 6:46 PM

Hello, gamer friends. This is your favorite online gaming websitAddicting Games speaking. We are a gaming publisher that has been around for over twenty years and have always offered the best free games on the web or your mobile device. Our goal has been to not only publish cutting-edge games but to also produce them. Among our many varied titles, we have always had a soft spot in our heart for We love and that is why we talk about it all of the time. is a futuristic browser-based FPS game that you can play for free with no login directly in your browser right now. The game is revolutionary in a lot of ways. If you don’t believe it, well, don’t take our word for it. We encourage you to go play it yourself! 

Before you go through, you might want to take a second to learn a little bit about our newest venture in That is right, we’re talking about our jump into the wide world of NFTs. We’ve talked about NFTs on our platform before but that was really just about announcing it. For anyone who might have more questions about a few of the nitty-gritty details, we decided to put out this little blog. Thanks for reading!


What Is All This Talk About Whitelist Tokens?

As of right now, our whitelist tokens come in two different denominations: Epic and Legendary. The Epic Tokens are more common and easier to find, they’re also purple. The Legendary tokens are rarer, harder to find in-game, and ultimately will have more value. They happen to be gold. As of right now, these tokens are currently off-chain. We’re handing them out via contests and you can find them in certain games as part of an Easter egg hunt but once you get them they won’t appear in your wallet yet. We do have an online repository for those of you who want to view who has how many tokens and you can view it over here.

What Are Your NFTs Exactly And What Do They Do?

In our particular case, the NFTs is basically defined as a digital collectible in a limited quantity. These are going to be represented in the game as weapon skins, player skins, and through land sales (social areas.) In-game skins will be how the tokens are represented. While the skins are purely cosmetic, each NFT will have an individual power level, however, the power level will not affect gameplay. The power-level indicator will instead be represented by a different glowing effect for each skin. The more powerful you are the more you will shine, just like in real life.

What Do I Need On My End To Mint An NFT?

We’re using Solana. We’ve chosen to go with them for a lot of reasons but mostly because of security and interface. Their user interface is second to none and the privacy and security of users is a huge priority to them. Yay, thanks, Solana. So, you’re going to have to get yourself some SOL, which is the currency of Solana. You’ll also need to get yourself a wallet but we figure that if you’re already in the NFT-sphere then you know that already. We haven’t officially set a price yet as markets are constantly in flux but as of right now it is looking like it’ll be anywhere between .5 - 2 SOL. You’ll be able to use our whitelist tokens when you buy. Since Legendary is rare, they will reduce the price the most, the Epic is less rare so they reduce the price a little less. It is all pretty simple. If you don’t have a Whitelist token you’ll end up paying the most.

How Would you Say one Goes About Obtaining these Whitelist Tokens?

Right now there are two easy ways: First we drop them into games and you just gotta find ‘em. Easy enough, right. Like we said the game is already great anyway. Might as well grab some tokens while you’re playing. Both Tiers will be available. Legendary is gold and harder to find. Epic is purple and you should find a bunch of them. We’re also giving them away as rewards for killing bosses who randomly appear. We announce drops on Twitter and discord or you can see them in the “Drops” tab of the main menu of itself. We’re also giving away a bunch of these tokens over on Twitter, hey, please follow us on Twitter!

OK This Sounds Great Do I Need A Certain Wallet?

Yes, actually you do. Thank you for asking. Check this out, you’re going to need a Fractal wallet. Currently, only Fractal wallets are supported.

What Do You Mean By “Social Areas” Exactly?

We’re calling land social areas in our game. What that really means is real estate, digital real estate. We encourage you to use that real estate to do whatever you want! Hang out with your friends, and your clan, or just start a Stream and let it live on there. Hey, it's your property! Do whatever you want within local legal and ethical boundaries of course.

OK. Well, that is it. Great, another blog is done. Yay, we did it. Another informative blog for this great site. We’re happy to have done it and we’re happy you read it. And now you know a little bit more about NFTs and and social areas and Whitelist token stuff. Isn’t it awesome? OK well, cool thanks for reading see you next month. Bye.