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Addicting Games Merch Is Here

posted on Saturday, 20/08/2022, 2:48 AM

Hello, player. This is Addicting Games speaking. If you have been paying attention to us lately you might have noticed that we here at Addicting Games have been a little bit more dripped out than usual. You may be asking yourself if it's the ice on our fingers, the bling around our neck or just a certain vibe emanating from within as we publish our high-quality html5 and IOGames on a weekly basis. Well, friend. You’re right. There is something different, something special, something new. It’s merch! That is right: branded products! For years, fans of our games, our site, our whole aesthetic have wanted to become part of it, get in on it, and show the world that they not only use, endorse, and enjoy our products but also are extremely stylish while doing it. We know that our fans have wanted Addicting Games merch for a long time. We’ve been listening, we’ve been hearing, and we’ve been doing something about it. This week we launched our new merch store. You can view and buy our merch over at


Addicting Games isn’t just a website that hosts free mobile games: we’re also a brand. And what do brands do? They sell merch. And what is merch? It is merchandise which has the trademarked logos, characters, art and other assets that you —the customer— already love so much. Frankly, we’re all really proud of this initiative. We know that to a lot of people Addicting Games is more than just a website that you played as a teen when you were avoiding school or as a college students when you were avoiding lectures or as a full grown adult avoiding rent, bills your partner and other boring responsibilities by playing Kitten Cannon until 3am. Addicting Games is a part of your childhood, it is a part of your college years, and if you’re reading this it is more likely than not a part of your life. Addicting Games as a brand means something to you, it stands for something. Why not show it off? We’ve put our current logo on everything from baseball caps to hoodies, stickers to bags and t-shirts. We’ve also included all of our related properties like, Mope, Typeracer, Shockwave, Devast and Diep. We’re going all out with this one. If you want an Addicting Games mug then bam we got you covered, if you need a battle poster then look no further, feel the need for Little Big Snake stickers for your guitar? We hear you, we see you, you are valid.


We’ve even done something a little crazy. Something a little outside the box. Something that is no laughing matter. That is right, we’re dropping a whole bunch of merch featuring our original Comic Sans logo. Yup, Comic Sans. The typeface developed to mimic the hand lettering in comic books but eventually became the laughing stock of the internet and then our original logo. We’re not ashamed of it. We don’t want to hide it. Our original logo isn’t something that we pretend didn’t happen. It is a badge of honor to have earnestly embraced the vibe and aesthetic of the early internet and to have put that bad boy on front street back before the cool kids decided Comic Sans was shorthand for a lack of taste. If we had a lack of taste would we really be working at Addicting Games in 2022?

Between your inherent lust for nostalgia and a slowly developing compulsion to buy products over the internet you really can’t say no to our t-shirts, hoodies, stickers, caps, and posters. So, the real question is whether or not you have the guts to pull the trigger on the Comic Sans raglan or you wanna play it safe with the tie-dye hoodie. For some reason tie-dye is back in style now. Nobody really knows why and nobody has questioned it. We have our theories about what is going on but until we’re certain we’d best keep our quiet. In any event please buy our products, not for our benefit but for your own. We only get one life to live and please believe us when we say that life is better when you’re swagged out to the max in the latest Addicting Games merchandise. Tell your friends, tell your enemies, tag us in any photos of you wearing our swag and remember to have fun with it. Thank you for reading, thank you for buying and good luck!