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The Most Addicting Games Of 2022 (So Far)

posted on Wednesday, 01/06/2022, 7:36 PM

Welcome addicting gamer, this is Addicting Games speaking. We’re back on this the 6th month of the calendar year —colloquially known as June to many— to do a quick review of what we consider to be the best games published by us so far this year. We’re using a secret sauce to determine what we consider the best. This might include something like the raw number of plays, mixed with the amount of return players, divided by the time on page, multiplied by shares and mentions on social media all added to a little metric we simply like to call “Vibes.” We’re sharing these games here with you now for many reasons. For the most part you might have missed them the first time around and as purveyors of quality, free html5, IOGames, and mobile casual games we feel it is our duty to make sure that all players have access to all of our best games. After all: Gaming is not a game: gaming is a lifestyle. And lifestyles are about how we live and who we are. We are a game publisher and we publish games. These are those games, at least some of them, and you can play them. Here and now.

For those of you who are hardcore Addicting Games heads, you might have a favorite game from this year that you don’t see listed here. Perhaps there is a genre or a category that you feel is under-represented. That is fine. Disagreements are inevitable and in fact, we encourage you to air your grievances in the comments. Games are interactive and so are comment sections. Let us know what your favorite game of the last six months actually was and we will review the comments with a fine tooth comb and pay special attention to all of your varied and valid opinions. And who knows, when it comes time to do the year in review just maybe you’ll finally see your favorite game. Until then, enjoy these, the best of the best of the last six months and cheers to the next six.


Wind & Solar is an idle game where players are forced to manage the only resource that has ever mattered: pure energy. In this game you have to acquire and store both solar and wind based energy. In order to do this you must react to changing weather patterns, storm clouds, and the terror of a nice cool shade. Slide your solar panels back and forth on the horizontal access in order to capture the sun before it can hide behind the clouds. Raise or lower your windmills on the vertical access in order to capture and take control of the ever erratic gusts of winds. This is pure energy and its free. Funny how free energy can cost so much, but that is how it works sometimes. Store up as much as you can to make it to the next level with more and more obstacles. Increase your score and devastate the competition on the leader board. It is a timely game of push and pull energy acquisition that we're proud to stand behind.

No. We are not going to make any jokes about buying a zoo. That kind of stuff is hackneyed to be honest. Besides, why distract readers and potential players with a cliche reference to an old movie when we could just talk about the game itself. The beauty of talking about a game like Idle Zoo is that it is a beautiful game. If you've ever wanted to point and click your way to victory, manage resources, run a zoo and build an empire then this is the game for you. Idle Zoo is a clicker game in the classic mold of games where you're just clicking on resources in an attempt to optimize or monetize them as part of a larger strategy to manage the resources of a burgeoning empire. Idle Zoo accomplishes this with style, wit, and a lot of fun. We suggest Idle Zoo for players who have a lot of time to kill and know how to think ahead. We don't all have the time to get an MBA but we can all point, click, and prosper in clicker games like Idle Zoo.

Risky Way is a minimalist avoider game that hearkens back to the early days of classic mobile games with just enough of its own flavor that you can see and feel the innovation. This game is as simple as clicking left or right in order to navigate and maneuver your square as it races across a jagged road levitating above a pastel void. We're all doing everything we can to avoid the void and this game makes that avoidance real and literal, it makes your choices simple and fun: Jump left or jump right. You'll have to master the timing and placement of your jumps but since the available options are merely binary there isn't a whole lot of room to screw up. This is great training for the real world and we are proud to have this game on our roster. It is a mobile masterpiece that lets you kill a few minutes as you fade into the distance.

Space Knife is another simple click and dash, avoid and score style game that we're proud to have on our platform. This is a game where you play a haunted space sword that is simply trying to move left to right and slash their way through every obstacles as they go. It isn't easy but it is fun, a lot of fun. We find ourselves engrossed in this game more and more as the months go on. It has a great replay value and players seem to love it. There is something cool about the absurdity of the theme and how challenging a game can truly be with just a single click. Get to know the gravity of this game, get to know the physics because you're going to have to master them if you want to slash your way to the top of the leader board or just kill an errant afternoon.

The saying is true: All games lead to Rome. From the floors of the coliseum to the bluffs of Palantine Hill, Rome was a culture forged through battle. This is probably why our only desktop only game of the list is a realistic Roman themed fighter game. Rome True Story is a game about the trials and tribulations of an arena fighter in grand old Rome. Choose your champion, armor them up and send them into the fray. Use your skills to dodge, weave, stab, and dash your way into the history books. Who knows if you work hard enough, pull yourself up by your sandal straps and grease those elbows you might just rise above your rank as fighter to become the emperor himself. Stranger things have happened after all.

Wow, what a list. Some of those games are classics in the making for sure. We know we’ll never forget Wind And Solar. And we’re happy to have played them all. In fact we’re proud to have played them. We thank you for playing along and humbly ask that you share your favorite games on your social media. The last six months have been quite the journey and we know that the next six will be an adventure on their own. All we know is that we’re happy to be publishing games and building communities with players like you! There is nothing that brings people together quite like free casual games, so get playing, get sharing, and we’ll see you next month with another update and 6 months from now with a final round up. Thanks for playing and we’ll see you soon.