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Have you checked out these titles from Havana24?

posted on Friday, 15/03/2024, 6:42 PM

Embark on an amusing journey through a handful of browser games by the developer Havana24, each offering unique challenges and some good ol' fashioned fun.

In Relic Splatter, a puzzle platformer that puts your skills to the test as you navigate a labyrinth armed with a paint gun. Strategize your way through obstacles and splatter your path to victory, while making a bunch of colorful mess along the way.

 Relic Splatter Thumbnail

Viewnemy challenges you to climb a tunnel with headlamp-wearing enemies, because apparently, climbing in the dark wasn't challenging enough. Can you make it through the tunnel without a flashlight?

Viewnemy Thumbnail

Lifespan Candle adds pressure by forcing you to escape before your candle burns out, because who doesn't love a ticking time bomb? You'll feel the pressure trying to burn the candle out just enough to solve puzzles.

Lifespan Candle Thumbnail

Lastly, Crossy Cat features a stretchy feline with a penchant for dodging logs and collecting fish, because, well, why not? Dive into these whimsical adventures for a dose of entertaining gameplay that will have you using your brain.

Crossy Cat Thumbnail