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This Is

posted on Wednesday, 23/11/2022, 9:59 PM

Imagine an alternate reality where man never evolved to become the dominant creature on the planet. Instead, the Apes discover an awful and unholy magic they use to battle amongst themselves as they craft spells and blast each other in a never-ending arena on the edge of the world. Well, imagine no more! For this is the world of, our brand new arena blaster games where apes wield wands and craft spells as they vault and swing around a map filled with procedurally generated terrain, hidden upgrades, environmental hazards such as rivers and cliffs, destructible platforms which grant you precious artifacts.

Apes I O title screen features all of the classic elements of your favorite arena shooters with its own special twists on mechanics and the genre. Other than the theme being about magic apes with wooden wands who knuckle-walk and hobble just like real apes or can glide using their magic powers, the real thrust of the game is the spell crafting. We all love spells. Magic is cool, and collecting things is fun. That is why we incorporated the idea of collections and crafting into the very DNA of the game. All apes will start off with the same generic wand that allows them to throw out simple hex blasts. But if you stick around and collect the various magical elements, precious stones, and carnage left in the wake of vanquishing an enemy, you’ll be able to hit TAB and open up the crafting menu. This is where the real magic begins! The spells you craft will be added to your wands. You can only ever have a total of two wands which you can switch between using the number keys 1 and 2. Crafting and assigning spells to your wands is more satisfying than simply adding equipment or toggling stats because you, the player, are now actually in charge of creating something within the game itself. The spells you craft will have various in-game effects, allowing you to build your very own ape to represent your own playing style. Like any crafting system, part of the fun then becomes the self-directed hunt for the elements you need to complete the spells you want. Some arena shooter games can become rote exercises in camping, sniping, getting those headshots, and hopping around the arena as you avoid other players' blasts. Without goals, missions, or an engaging objective, the games can devolve into nothing more than dodging and blasting. We feel that the crafting games like avoid this pitfall because players will be self-directing their games towards finding the items and elements needed for the exact specific spells they want and then hitting the battlefield to use them. In, your loadout and strategy won’t just be based on buying items and equipping a generic hero. Instead, you’ll be crafting everything from the ground up and creating your ape mystic. is a game where the terrible magic of our primate cousins is an engaging fast-paced, endless-royale. We urge you to swing into a procedurally generated world where players collect ancient artifacts to craft one-of-a-kind magical weapons and blast each other into the ape beyond with the profane power of mystical magic. In, you can climb the walls, smite your enemies, and conjure up unfathomable spells on your never-ending mission to become the last kong standing.

Thank you for following along on the softest of soft launches of our new IOgame. If you like what you read and think you’re ready to dive in, then why not check out the Twitter over at We also have a discord channel with a growing community of ape-heads who are sharing tips, tricks, spell-builds, and more over here: And, of course, there is always the game itself. You can play for free in your browser right now with no downloads required if you simply head on over to Anyone can play as a guest but signing up is the only way to guarantee yourself the nickname you want and to save all of your progress.

Thank you for reading, gamer-friends, and we’ll see you in the jungle.