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Get ready for souped up races with Typeracer!

posted on Friday, 08/03/2024, 4:22 PM

The team over at TypeRacer has been hard at work with some new changes that'll help enhance the practice mode on the site. If you're interested in checking it out have a look here 

It's time to buckle up and race through some of the changes coming to the site! 

Feature: Removed Countdown

As we looked for improvements, we wondered: Why is there a countdown in practice mode? Why not start when you're ready, especially since it's single-player? So, we made that change, and the experience has been awesome! We think you'll love it too.

Many typists enjoy the 'single-player' experience of TypeRacer, utilizing practice mode or "Ghosting' for racing specific texts - a favorite among our pros. 

With this new experience, the countdown is removed, and the practice race starts as soon as you type the first letter, providing a more instant action experience.

Feature: Everyone Can Save Practice Races

Previously, only premium subscribers could save their races - up to 10 times each on individual texts every day. Given the enhancements to practice mode, we're extending this feature to all typists. From now on ALL users can now save up to 10 total practice races per day. Want more? Support TypeRacer by upgrading to TypeRacer Premium for only $20/year - that's just $1.66 per month

What Can I Do With All This Power?

If you've read this far and want to get way more out of this since everyone can save these scores now, you should see what our community pros do in Discord. They love to find and play on every text they can find on the site and try to accomplish the milestone of playing on every text on the site and/or trying to get the highest score on every text.

Smooth Caret Typing!

Last but not least we have one more feature that will be coming this week and that's smooth caret typing. What that is is the cursor hovering over the words your typing now animates smoothly at the pace your typing across the words. It's a small feature but it's a great quality of life improvement that both the team and the TypeRacer community are excited for.