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Addicting Games Acquires Tank Game

posted on Wednesday, 29/09/2021, 1:30 AM

Addicting Games has acquired the classic iogame Fresh off of having been acquired ourselves, we’ve gone ahead and taken ownership of one of the most popular iogames on the internet and we couldn’t be more excited about it. is a minimalistic tank game developed by Matheus Valadares. Those in the know should recognize that name, as Valadares is also the developer responsible for the game that kicked off the iogames revolution: “It’s ( loosely based on bubble tanks, a popular flash game from back in the day,” Valadars said. “But also, a game I made as a kid called Diepix.” No word yet on whether or not his childhood passion project “Diepix” will be included in the deal, but we’re happy enough to add just to our already stellar roster of original iogames which includes Little Big Snake,, and by the way was another acquisition of a popular iogame which we picked up dusted off and have grown with a series of updates, upgrades, and community outreach.

You can read about the initial acquisition of over here, and now: More

Now that the ink is dry and the cheques have been cashed we might as well talk about the game itself. So, whether you’re a long-time player who is curious to see what’s in store for your favorite game or just an avid reader of the Addicting Blog who is curious about what is and what it’s going to become, we suggest you sit back, buckle up and read along to discover what the future holds! but first, a little background on the game itself. is a hyper-minimalistic, polynomial tank game. In players take control of a 2-dimensional geometric shape with a cannon strapped on and are let loose in a white and grey gridded arena. You’ll be faced with tiny squares and circles which act as obstacles but can also be destroyed for points. The points that you earn are traded in for a wide variety of upgrades to your armor, speed, attack, and damage. These upgrades allow the player to customize and optimize their own tank in order to build the perfect weapon to hunt down And destroy other player’s tanks.

The game also features a class and leveling system. By choosing to upgrade your class you can upgrade in increments of 15 up until the final level of 45. Each increased level offers you special abilities unavailable to the lower classes. Whether you choose to upgrade your class or specific abilities you are given a wide range of options that you can employ to serve your particular strategy or the game mode itself, and the game mode is important. See, in you aren’t strictly limited to playing a game of attrition. It isn’t just about being the last player standing and it isn’t just about racking up the most kills. Well, it could be if you really want it to be, but there is still ever more depth to be mined because features multiple game modes and styles of play each with its own unique and specific path to victory. For example, in you can choose to play the classic FFA (also known as a Free For All) or you can try your hand at “Survival” a version of the game which is similar to Free For All but doesn’t allow you to respawn after death. There are also two variations on team modes where players work with other players against another team of players. You can also play “Domination” mode where you act as part of  a team to  capture the other team’s “Dominators.” We also offer a classic match of tag (Nuff said) or a game that takes place inside a maze where impenetrable grey walls separate the players and must be keenly navigated. Finally, there is the sandbox mode, one of the oldest game modes which are most similar to FFA but starts the players off on a much smaller map and allows you to use cheats! Cheats aren’t exactly what you thinking, in this game a “cheat” is just the ability to temporarily try various abilities and classes without actually buying them. We believe this allows players to test out their builds and make informed choices about any upgrades they might want to make in the future.

As you can see, is a solid addition to our already deep bench of original iogames. But we’re not just going to be taking control of the game and putting it out to pasture. No, we’ll actually be working on the mechanics and iterating it as we go, just ask local gamer and CEO Bill Karamouzis: “We plan to add daily and weekly in-game leaderboards, new game modes, achievements, and cosmetics, We are rebuilding the mobile version from scratch to improve the player experience.” While upgrades and improvements are always good we’re well aware that a game with a solid and loyal user base might not want change, after all not everybody likes change. As fan favorite and fearless leader Bill Karamousis told us: “We learned from TypeRacer, our browser-based typing game, that some players don’t like change. Hence we will add a classic mode, which will allow players to experience the game unaltered by cosmetics. But for those who want goals to work towards, such as new achievements and cosmetics, the options will be there.”

Fear not, loyal player, we have foreseen your angst and anxiety over any change to the status quo, and we’ve come up with a solution that should make everyone happy! Or at the very least a solution that will keep you exactly as satisfied and content as you are now: but hey, it’s the least we could do for such a loyal user base. And speaking of a loyal user base, we’ll be adding Youtube and Twitch integrations to the game. Our hope is to bring more exposure to the already thriving content creators out there making videos and streams of the game. “There are lots of people still streaming the game on Twitch, but you wouldn’t know it unless you searched in the category," says head honcho and aficionado Bill Karamouzis. As we mentioned earlier, is not our only iogame. Besides Little Big Snake and the previously mentioned, we also acquired and developed our own Halo-Esq first-person shooter You can read more about on our blog. But whether we are talking about Mope, Starve,, Little Big Snake, or Mr. Karamouzis has a message for our fans: “We hope our efforts will breathe new life into the game, but also we hope players understand we have a legacy of celebrating and preserving the games lots of people grew up playing.”