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Halloween Updates From The Depths Of The Addicting Games Network

posted on Monday, 17/10/2022, 8:54 PM

Hello, this is Addicting Games speaking. First of all, for all those who celebrate, welcome to the spooky season. This is a time of ghosts, goblins, slashers, and gremlins. A time when the veil between our world and the nether regions is at its thinnest, when the departed and the demonic pass through the threshold, and there is a haunt and a hobgoblin around every corner. We here at Addicting Games love Halloween, candy, and scaring people, so you can imagine how important this time of year is to the company. You might be asking yourself, “how does a company like Addicting Games celebrate something like Halloween in a way that I, a player, can enjoy?” Well, through the spooky magic of this sinister season, we are here to answer that very question. Please read on if you dare.

As you know, Addicting Games isn’t just this website. We’ve kind of got a lot going on. We have produced in-house games like, Little Big Snake, and We are also the gorey, gorey brains behind such sites as Typeracer, the site that is a game. So, when we say "we," you should know that "we" mean a lot more than this site. And we’re doing a lot. For instance, if you check out right now, you’ll find that last week we released six all-new Halloween-themed maps, which are available for a limited time. This is part of the overall Hallow-evasion campaign, which also features the limited edition “Pumpkin-Head” suit. We feel that “Pumpkin-Head” is probably the most overt Halloween-themed skin available but don’t count Bones, Hazel, or Plague out when it comes to spooky-skinned outfits. And hey, don’t forget the already existing Graveyard map that we covered months ago. What could possibly be spookier than a graveyard, where we put dead people? If you think you have what it takes to go up against the legions of undying fans and succeed, then double jump on over to the site and start playing the world's best in-browser FPS game on the planet.

For those who feel a little more serpentine, we suggest you slither on to Little Big Snake and check out the scary updates we’re dropping just in time for spoopy season. First and foremost, we’ve rethemed your snake's lair to have a creepy Halloween vibe. If that wasn’t enough for you, then check out the creepy Halloween-themed snake flags that you can fly with pride. We’re also dropping pumpkin bubbles that feature Crowns hidden within them. These special limited edition Pumpkin Bubbles will have boosts (boo-sts?) instead of nectar like our traditional green and brown bubbles contain. Also, if that wasn’t enough, then prepare yourself for a special once-in-a-lifetime (deathtime?) offer to get yourself a limited “Hellcat” skin. Ooh, beware, the Hellcat, the most dreaded of all demonic snakes. The hellcat looks like a cross between the Cheshire cat and a Jack-O-Lantern. It is scary, it is cool, but most importantly, it is an exclusive skin that you can get your scaly little paws on if you start playing right now. If that is not enough to fill your pillowcase full of candy, don’t worry because we are not done yet!

Typeracer has always been a scary game. Not because it involves witches and warlocks, or slashers and monsters and zombies come to life, but because it judges your grammar, spelling, and typing speed in real-time and then compares that score to that of your friends. Terrifying! And maybe, in some cases, a little unfair. After all, some of us are good typists on a spiritual or vibe-based level, if not on a material fact-based level, and Typeracer doesn’t really account for vibes. But in any event, Typeracer is holding a Halloween Event! And it sounds great. It is a team event where you and your crew will compete to win a Typeracer Premium Subscription and specialized badges. All participants will win Participation Badges on their typing status. You can check out the schedule and entry specifics at this link over here. Before we go, we’d be remiss, not to mention and its continuing efforts to evolve one step ahead of the competition. As of right now, the details on its Halloween update are all under wraps, and the dev team is being mum (mummy?) on details. What we can tell you is that you can expect a scary skin pack of some sort. Does that mean slashers and zombies or vampires and ghouls? The only way to know for sure is to find out for yourself by navigating over to and checking it out.

Whatever you decide to do this Scare-o-ween season, we want you to know that we’ve got you covered with our vast collection of spooky games and stand-alone sites. And remember: If you say “Addicting Games” five times into a mirror, the Kitten from Kitten Cannon will appear and demand that you feed it even though it's actually already been fed, and it always does this. Don’t fall for it!

So, be careful out there and have fun.