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Who Are Our Favorite Streamers and Influencers?

posted on Tuesday, 10/08/2021, 10:21 PM

Hello, gamer friends. This month we want to talk to you about streamers. Nobody ever thought video games would become a spectator sport but here we are living in a world where you can kick back in the comfort of your own home and watch your favorite Tiktok personality or Twitch celebrity do speed runs of video games that were made before they were born. It’s fun and it’s a perfect simulacrum of actually having friends and hanging out with them (or so we’ve heard). Those of you with friends can weigh in on this in the comments. In any event, we’ve been doing some streaming and we like it. Well, actually we haven’t been doing the streaming. That would be hard since as a company we are by definition incorporeal and not having a material existence or associated identity makes it pretty hard to get in front of a camera and play video games. So, we’ve actually been working with some of the best and brightest streamers out there, people you may have heard of, people you may not have heard of, people you may know, and people you may not want to know.

In this blog entry, we want to show you some of the coolest moments of our preferred streams and introduce you to our favorite streamers! You know, now that we think of it this article should have maybe been a stream or something but again: incorporeal, so you’ll just have to humor us on this one. Don’t worry though there will be plenty of links to click and clips to watch as you scroll through!

First up is Mizkif, a Twitch streamer. Mizkif has over 1.5 million followers and to date has a combined view count of almost 68 million. It is truly bonkers to try and wrap your head around that kind of viewership. But what might be even crazier is that Mizkif once famously made over five grand from streaming a video of him asleep. For six hours viewers could watch a stream of Mizkif passed out on a cot near his gaming station. He had enabled media sharing and was wearing headphones so he could hear the audio of anything viewers shared. Viewers tried to wake Mizkif from his slumber by playing loud, jarring, or shocking media but it didn’t work. For six hours he just snoozed while the dollars rolled in. We here at Addicting Games support this kind of innovation and salute anyone who can stack racks while counting sheep. You can check out Mizkif’s Twitch or follow him on Twitter after watching this highlight of him playing Little Big Snake.

Serkan Ay is a Turkish Youtuber who specializes in playing Little Big Snake, Slither, and other snake-themed IOGames. His videos show off everything he can do in a game from controlling the map to some of the most epic take-downs and come-ups in the gaming world. You can watch him slither his way to the top and devastate the noobs in the pit or just show off some neat tactics and strategies that you can use while playing. It is a fun and fascinating way to learn tips and tricks about Little Big Snake as well as see the game played by a true gamer and consummate professional. Serkan Ay has been representing Little Big Snake for a long time and we were proud to finally team with him on these play-throughs of Little Big Snake. Check out this highlight of him crushing it.

5uppp is the mysterious gamer of mystery. A person who is mostly known for their experience in deceit games like Among Us and Mafia but they’ve also got a fair bit of content based around Little Big Snake. His following on Youtube quickly blossomed into a solid twitch channel and we highly recommend that you go check it out after you watch some highlights of them making a mockery of their opponents in Little Big Snake.

Finally, Captain Puffy is a streamer whose bio says she is either going to take over the world or become a crazy cat lady. We believe she can do both and also there is nothing crazy about being a cat lady. Cats rule and by extension the people who like them also rule. Captain Puffy is a streamer that you can watch on Twitch with her other 1.4 million followers! We were happy to work with her on and are proud to share a highlight video of the stream here. If you’re not already following her on Twitch or Twitter, what are you waiting for? Once she takes over the world she’ll remember those who were fans early and those who weren’t!

Well, there it is friends! Our semi-complete and totally awe-inspiring run-down of our best and brightest streamers. You can expect more posts like this in the future, maybe a little bit less wordy and more centered on a specific streamer, maybe a bit more varied: who knows? The future is unwritten and that is the fun part of living in the present!

And speaking of fun,...

If you or anyone you know is a streamer then please get in touch! We’re always looking for new partners to add to our growing family of the media elite. What you see in this blog is really just the beginning. In fact, we’re not just looking for streamers, we want to work with influencers of all stripes! The content doesn’t even have to be strictly game-related. Whether you’re on Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter, or Twitch: if you have a following and want to work with Addicting Games, then Addicting Games wants to work with you! Please, get in touch with us. And if you're not a streamer but there are some streamers you think we should work with, then please let us know who! We're always on the look out for new voices.