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More Monster Games For This Halloween

posted on Friday, 08/10/2021, 6:12 AM

Hello spooky people, players, and other ghouls who like games. We are happy to have you back for our second annual round-up of our favorite new horror games. This year we dedicated ourselves to the big beautiful meta-genre of monster games. Halloween is cool and haunted houses are fun but deep down in the depths of our subconscious, all of us love monsters. The ‘Creature Feature’ is a staple of the horror world whether you’re talking about movies like the Thing, Jaws, and Aliens, or console games like Dead Space, Silent Hill, and Bloodborne. Monsters make the best villains and that is why they are the true heroes of horror games. Sometimes it feels good to be bad, sometimes you want to be the bump in the night, and cause the pang of fear in the hearts of your enemies.

So, here is a bloody bouquet of our favorite monsters games of the last year (or so.) We focused a lot on zombies because, well, there are a lot of zombie games out there and most of them are really good. We also went outside the box with some classic real-world monsters that are extremely addicting to play and satisfying to become. As the normies settle down with their pumpkin spice lattes, candy corn, and poorly carved pumpkins, we hope you’ll hunker down with our horror games and play long into the night.

Jack o'copter
Who is the Jack o’copter? Where does he come from? What does he want? Is the Jack o’copter a good guy, a bad guy, or something darker still? We may never know for sure, but we do know that he loves candy, in fact, he loves candy so much he is willing to risk his life for it. This is an endless drifter game where you avoid a never-ending series of obstacles and baddies to feed that sweet tooth and keep the demons at bay.

Zombie Road
Many people would be surprised to find out that after the zombie apocalypse, life continued on basically the same as it was before. It makes sense though because --after all-- it is death that changed: not life. In any event, the roads are still standing and you still have places you gotta go but the zombies have machinations of their own. In this endless racer, you’ll be driving down the freeway, avoiding oncoming traffic and smashing as many of the deadheads as possible under the wheels of your custom sports car. You may think it is absurd that even in death a person will wander around aimlessly with no real goal or destination, but ask yourself: Are you really any different?

Slingshots vs Monsters
Sometimes you’re the slingshot, sometimes you’re the monster. The intersection between
physics, reflexes, and color recognition comes into play in this ultra-bright game of never-ending monster invasions. As the ghouls fall from the sky you’re armed with only your slingshot and a quiver of multi-colored balls. All you have to do is match the ball to your target and take them out. The problem is that there are more balls than monsters so you’re going to have to make every shot bank, bounce and bring down as many monsters as possible.
Paper, Rock, Scissors is probably the first game most of us ever learn, and in the world of, it might very well be the last game you play. This is a mobile-ready, multiplayer game of pure massacre and mutilation. A world where everyone is a zombie and all you do is run, kill, and swap teams. You’ll randomly spawn as a zombie in one of three colors. You can only kill one specific opposing color, and the remaining color can kill you but don’t think of this as a team game, it’s not. While there are sides there are no teams and you can utilize floating portals to swap your color as you play. It is a unique never-ending battle royale that is good year-round but pure magic on Halloween.

Shark 3-D
Jaws was a good movie but we never got enough of the best character: The Shark! If you love the bleat of that cello and want to see what it’s like to be the beast then Shark 3D is the ultimate game for you. This is a 3-D arena royale that puts you behind the black little eyes of the world’s most optimal predator. Choose your shark then dive into an underwater arena filled with other hungry chum-monsters who are looking for fresh blood. Charge your prey and swallow them whole in this epic game that turns the tables on one of horrors most iconic monsters.

Zombie Arena
It’s just you, your flashlight, a chainsaw, and an angry army of the undead, think you can handle it? Your first day on the job as a security guard at a secret biological research facility gets out of hand real fast as you realize you’re there to stop an army of dead-eyed, flesh-eating ghouls from getting out. Don’t worry, you’ll have access to a rocket launcher, a shotgun, a machine gun, and every other type of weapon under the sun, as long as you can find the weapons before the ghouls find you.
Space Invaders is one of the first and most famous videogames on the planet and it set the tone for a strictly anti-alien vibe that continues to this day. This is why is such a revelation! This game puts you in the pilot’s seat of a flying saucer, where you and your slimy green friends are the invaders trying to vacuum up any and everything the humans have on their puny little planet. Compete with other extraterrestrials to suck up the biggest items and become the biggest little green man on the planet.

Skulls vs Zombies
Zombies have never done well with physics. Something about their corroded brain and their atrophied muscles has made their grasp of gravitational forces somewhat obtuse. This is the zombie’s one and only weakness and it has become the skull’s one and only opportunity to take down the zombies. Using a massive slingshot, the skulls of the world have decided to crush the castles and eradicate the forts of every zombie on earth. They just need you to do the aiming and shooting.

Portrait Of An Obsession
Uh oh! You did it, you found us out! We promised you a list of monster games yet here we are with a haunted house-style escape game. Does that make us liars? Does that mean we don’t keep our word? No silly! It means you won. Even though this is a Halloween list you can consider this entry to be something of an Easter Egg. So, since you went out of your way to read through all the previous entries we wanna give something back! Shout us out on our official Twitter and the first person to @ us with the phrase “I am the Portrait of an Obsession” will receive a free mystery prize. Really! Try us! You’d be surprised!

Zombie Killer
Punk rock and horror movies go together like peanut butter and the blood of your enemies. Zombie killer is a dangerously edgy, isometric side-scrolling smash em’ up where you and your punk rock friends load up on guns and crush the undead. Use guns, brass knuckles, a knife, grenades, and any other weapons you can unlock and find in this campaign-based platformer adventure game with cartoon graphics and killer gameplay.

Well, there it is you little ghouls, ghosts, gremlins, and gross-outs. We hope you had as much fun playing these games as we did painstakingly researching and writing about them at the last possible minute. It is always our pleasure to provide the most prolific and pulse-pounding games to our players at any time of year but there is just something special about Fall, isn’t there? The shadows fall a little askew, the sky swells ominous and leaves crackle underfoot like the cackle of an aged hag.

If you wanna see last year’s list of ten terrifying games then please, by all means, go ahead and click on this link. Don’t worry, don’t be scared, the hyperlink can’t hurt you, we promise. And if you like this year’s assortment of games then we should let you in on a little secret: Any player who manages to get the high scores on all the games at once and then turns around three times in a mirror will have Bloody Mary herself appear before them and gift them a PS5. Seems like a pretty sweet deal but if you don’t wanna deal with all that we think you can just vibe with these monster-themed games and enjoy your horror season like a normal person, and there is nothing wrong with that!