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Top MMO Games
What are MMO games?
These are big games for a big world...
It's a big world out there and we think your games should be just as wide and just as deep. That is exactly what the genre of massively multiplayer online games is about! Create a character and uncover the secrets and majesty of a fantasy world like in Heroes of Glory or take control of a fledgling civilization which is just starting out and slowly turn it into a bustling empire like in Imperia Online. Once you've ruled one planet, why not go interstellar with Battle for the Galaxy The world of Massively Multiplayer Online Games is a rich tapestry of different genres. Space, sci-fi, fantasy, city building, resource management, and yes: even war games! Massively multiplayer online Gaming lets you test your mettle against players from around the world who are just as talented, ambitious and hungry as you are! If you think your skills against artificial intelligence and bots are good, then maybe it's time you stepped up to the next level: human opponents. Our collection of handpicked Massively Multiplayer Online Games will have you signing up, logging in, saving your progress and coming back again and again and again. You will be clicking through resource menus, upgrading your characters, maximizing your stats and forging whole empires with nothing but your imagination and a little effort. What are you waiting for, let's go!