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What are Clicker games?

Clicker Games are elegant, fast-paced games from all genres that only require you to click. Decades worth of innovation and evolution in video games have to lead us to a gaming ecosystem where players can go back and forth between ultra-realistic 3-D simulations and extremely minimalistic idle games where all players have to do is click. A clicker game can exist in any genre of game-like RPG, platformer, or even shooter. It isn't the theme that determines whether or not a game is a clicker, instead, it is how you play. In a clicker game, the only skill a player will need is the ability to click repeatedly. That is it. All you have to do is click your way to victory in these simple but addictive games. Clicker games are a great escape for gamers who love to game but don’t always want to burn their brains on a hardcore real-time strategy game or test their anxiety in a darkened horror game. A clicker game may have upgrades, special abilities and a variety of player avatars but the entire way a player interfaces with the game is simply clicking. Generally, you’re gaining currency or victory points and avoiding obstacles. But clicker games extend into the abstract as well. Use your clicks to switch colors or detect shapes and rack up points the whole time. Clicker games are literally an adventure at your fingertips. So click fast, click smart and click often with our selection of free clicker games.