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Zombie Road



Game Description

Zombie Road is a free endless driving game. The zombie apocalypse is here and you can't win. The only smart move is to hit the road and get out of town. Smash your way through hordes of shambling undead as they clog up the highways and try to stop anyone from escaping. But beware! You won't just be fighting off the zombies, you'll be fighting for space on the open road with your own fellow humans. That is right, this is the apocalypse and there are no sides. Your fellow citizens are just as anxious to get out of town as you and they're just as braindead and vicious as the zombies.

Watch out for fellow drivers as they cut you off or deliberately chare into you, your only hope for survival is to outmaneuver them and build up your score by smashing through the zombies. Do you think you have what it takes to kill em' all and dominate the leaderboard? Now is your chance to prove your worth. Hit the road in this all original racing gorefest.  Dodge cars and trash zombies as you strive for a better life somewhere on the outskirts of society. Zombie Road is a free racing and avoider game that puts you in the driver seat, behind the wheel, and against the zombie horde.


On mobile use your finger to steer the car either left or right. On desktop use the Left or Right arrow keys to control the car. Get to know the tracking and response rate of your car. Save points to upgrade, and watch out for Stars - they actually minus from your core. Also, beware of the fellow humans who will swerve to hit you head-on.

Zombie Road Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateJan 9, 2020

90249 plays


over 3 years ago

cool game