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Sharks 3D



Game Description

Shark 3D is a free IOGame. Underwater no one can hear you scream.  Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the ocean the sharks are here and this time it's in 3-D! Sharks is a fast-paced game of attrition and destruction. In Sharks 3D you will take on the role of a cold-blooded, sharp-toothed alpha predator who is testing its skills against the rest of the shark kingdom. Sharks are merciless predators, they stalk silently through the water and strike with vicious precision. The ferocity of the attacks in this game just might shock you because the competition isn't just AI bots wandering around in a hapless daze. This time it's actual players just like you who are ready to seek and destroy. No need for a bigger boat in this game since it's all shark-on-shark violence. So, will you sink or swim? Do you have what it takes to dodge enemy sharks and chow down on formers chums whose only crime was that they didn't move fast enough? Sharks 3-D is a game about survival, a game about living, and a game about death. The beaches might be closed but your gaping jaws are open for business.


Use your mouse to control the shark, dash in to eat other sharks, and avoid their tails, scales teeth, and mouth.

Sharks 3D Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateJun 10, 2021
DeveloperSpinball IO

23079 plays


10 months ago

It's an awesome game, I love it. But what if y'all added details? Like, seaweed. Shells along the bottom. Otherwise, I can't think of anything.