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Jack O Copter



Game Description

Jack O Copter is a free avoider game. Get up out of the graveyard and into the sky. This is an avoider game where you are a happy-go-lucky member of the undead who is using their head mounted persional dron-o-copter to fly into the ether and beyond. You'll have to avoid swinging spiked hammers, swaying platforms, and all sorts of dangerous Halloween ghouls. You'll have to learn and master the physics of this game if you want to use a simple click in order to navigate your chosen undead monster. You can customize the type of monster you want to be and fly. As the levels progress and you get closer and closer to outer space, so to will the obstacles inbcrease. They will move faster and be closer together. As the game goes on you'll have to think 2-3 moves ahead to make sure you don't box yourself in and wind up back in  the graveyard. This is also an endless runner game meaning that you don't have a health bar or hit points. One life, one hit, one chance, that is all you get. You need to optimize your journey as far as you can as you collect the floating ghost candy to become the ultimate spook-o-copter.


one a desktop computer use your mouse to dodge the obstacles by pressing the left mouse button to move. On a mobile device use your finger to tap and change the direction of the jack-o-copter. Avoid obstacles like the swinging hammers and swaying platforms. Pick up candy to score points. This is an endless runner style game.

Jack O Copter Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateOct 29, 2020
DeveloperMonish Vyas

22426 plays


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