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Fruit Merge Is Here!

posted on Friday, 17/11/2023, 10:44 PM

Fruit Merge is the hottest new game out there. As the fruits drop from the sky, all you have to do is line them up with the same-sized fruits to merge them, double their size, and convert them into a whole new fruit. Then, wait for more fruit to drop and keep it up until you top out at the size of the fruit and cash in on its bounty. Of course, you’ll be inundated with falling fruit, and often, you won’t have two of the same one after the other, so where you drop them will become important. Think ahead and leave room for yourself, or use one piece of fruit to knock a larger piece into a like fruit on the other side of the container. A simple game with a simple interface, few rules, and a whole lot of fun. It’s a game of spatial recognition mixed with timing and accuracy that will have you addicted and coming back for more fruits, more merging, and more old-fashioned addicting fun. 

We first published “Fruit Merge” back in September, and the plays, return players, and overall engagement have shown us that gamers love the simplicity of this earnest, classic game. We’ve been publishing games for a while and know when a special game comes along, which ignites a passion in the fan base and keeps them clicking, tapping, and playing along on desktop or mobile devices. Fruit Merge represents a return to some of the classic mobile games of the early 2010s and the Flash games of the early 2000s. The mechanics and game loop are remarkably simple and easy to grasp, yet the gameplay and challenges inherent in the game are endlessly engaging to play against. 

Fruit Merge has become one of the most popular games of the year for us, and it’s really no surprise once you get to playing it, so, we suggest that you get to playing it! In many ways, we must become like the fruit in fruit merge. We start off as a simple kiwi, then we merge into an apricot, an orange, a lime, then pineapple, and a watermelon. Life is a long road, a series of challenges we must face and overcome as we grow closer to our ultimate end of exploding into points, just like in Fruit Merge. Please check out Fruit Merge now by heading to the game over here. And remember, Fruit Merge is a game you can pick up and play whenever and wherever you want. It’s available for free as a mobile game or on our website. So, if you haven’t already tried it, then now is the time. Fruit Merge is waiting for you, and really, haven’t you always been waiting for Fruit Merge? We think you have. So, check it out. Play, share, and compete to make it to the top of the leaderboard. Fruit Merge might just be exactly what you’re looking for right now.