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Game Description

FlyUFO.IO is a free IOGame. You've got to catch them all. The humans, their kids, their pets, their cars, their trees. Use your patented extractor beam to abduct everything until there is nothing left but dead leaves and the dirty ground, then, crank up your abstraction beam and suck that up as well. The world is yours. It is owed to you, and in this game you can fly around and suck it up one pixel at a time, each new trophy adding more weight and more size to your ship, allowing you to pick up more and bigger items. The people have Earth have had it too good for too long. It is time for you, the ultimate outsider, to swoop down and suck it all up. Use your ill-gotten gains to grow your saucer and stick it to the puny Earthlings. If you want to be the ultimate and supreme leader of Earth, you must earn it by stealing it one piece at a time. But beware! Earth has a lot of enemies and all around you, there are competitive saucers flying around trying to suck it all up before you can. This isn't just a battle against Earth, this is a battle against all of the galaxy.


Use your mouse to direct the saucer and try to hover over small items to suck them up and grow incrementally. Avoid bigger ships and suck up the smaller ones. Become the ultimate abductor and show those puny Earthlings what they're really up against.

FlyUFO.IO Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateMar 11, 2021

33951 plays

SARKIS @______@

about 2 years ago



over 3 years ago

I love this game so much! It has a few minor glitches but its expected. I very much recommend