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Game Description is a free survival game where you thrive or you die. We hope you're smart enough to punch the right tree's at the right time so you can gather wood and then use that wood to forge a home or some weapons. What about punching some rocks or other precious minerals? You'll have to do it if you want the energy, food and raw resources you need to build yourself into something powerful! is a survival game that lets you choose your own path in an arena full of opposing players who want nothing but the worst for you. Gather resources by punching at different obstacles, combine those resources to create new items and then use those items to take on the whole world. What do you need to do? Build a home? Catch some animals for food? Make some new weapons that will make attcking other playerz easier? Its up to you! You and only you will decide and your strategy will be different than the thousands of other players from around the world who you'll playing against. That is what makes so unique in the world of free casual games and even free online games. Your strategies don't just have to be smarter than some non player characters wandering around doing whaat they aarae told. They have to be strong enough to defeat real humans who want the same thing as you: absolute victory, total domination, the decimation of the leader board. Are you smart enough to stop them Are you strong enough to thwart their plans and keep them relegated to the dustbins of history? Only time and several plays of will tell.

Instructions uses many control systems you might already be familiar with. For example, in this game, you control your character with the W,A,S,D keys or the Arrow Pad. You also use your nouse to orient yourself and the left mouse button to punch or perform an action. Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateMay 29, 2019

38064 plays


about 2 years ago

We're working hard on bringing you all an update to Devast. We appreciate everyone's patience. Unfortunately, the private servers have been discontinued, and can no longer be purchased.


over 2 years ago

Game needs a Update Asap