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Top IO Games
What are IO games?
One of the first websites to start the io game craze was io games. IO Games are free-to-play massive multiplayer browser games typically made in HTML5. You can find some of the best ones right here!
IO Games are arena-style games where your opponents are other players. The visceral thrill of competing in an arena battle game against players from around the world has finally invaded the world of casual, browser-based games. Now, with iogames, you'll be able to lock and load your favorite weapons dominate like in or out snake other players like in Little Big Snake. Dominate the competition and rocket your way up the leaderboard. Victory is practically guaranteed if you will and skill is hard enough. The rules are often pretty simple, just outlast the other players and out play them. You'll generally be in direct arena-style combat with them on a one to one basis. In order to facilitate this, you may need to collect various items, develop long term strategies and act these out via smart reactive tactics. You won't just be playing against a pre-programmed AI, every other player you run into will be another player who wants to win just as bad as you do.