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Rotate the device into landscape mode to play this game.

Kitten Cannon



Game Description

Kitten Canon is a classic physics game. Fluffy has found his way into your cannon again, that dang cat just never listens and doesn't care! The only way you can teach it a lesson is by firing that cannon into a field of bombs, spikes, springs, and other awesome obstacles! From the mind of Dan Fleming comes a game that only Dan Fleming could invent: Kitten Canon!! This is a classic launch game with a solid physics engine that allows you to accurately predict where and how fast you can launch Fluffy. Fluffy is a naughty cat so don't worry too much about their well being, it really is Fluffy's own fault for being in the cannon in the first place. Now its your chance to teach Fluffy a lesson in this fun action puzzler!


Space - fire; arrow keys - position the cannon. The red meter indicates the power of the launch.

Kitten Cannon Gameplay

Content RatingTeen Caution
Release DateApr 8, 2005
DeveloperDan Fleming

49699782 plays


3 months ago

I always loved this game .


8 months ago

Supper funny.


9 months ago

This is HILARIOUS! Addicting, yes... h3ll yes


12 months ago

Fun when flash players work correctly, laggy again on this game makes it not as enjoyable as it could be.


about 1 year ago

an amazing classic!


over 1 year ago

I love the sound effects :)


over 1 year ago

I have to admit, this wasn't what I expected. But it's very fun and addictive!


about 2 years ago

1173 Feet!! I Don't Know How I'm Going To Beat This Score!!


over 2 years ago



over 2 years ago

it is bad