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This game does not support mobile devices.



Game Description is a free iogame. Tonight you will craft. Tonight you will mine. Tonight you will win or die trying. This is and this is your time to shine. Use your pickaxe to slowly and methodically collect a variety of different resources. Then use those resources to build yourself a base, a tower, s humble abode. It's really up to you, but beware! For there are enemies all around you, and all of them want to make this nite your last nite. That is why you'll also be armed with a Glock and need to scavenge for ammo. This game is not just some zen garden, my friend. No! This is a dangerous but rewarding challenge for only the strongest of the strong. Will you survive? Will you craft? can you make it through the nite? Probably not, but it'll be a lot of fun trying. Also, try to avoid falling off of the edge of the island because you'll land in an endless ocean and there is literally no way out of there.


W,A,S,D: Move your character back, forward, left and or right. Space: Jump Mouse: Controls where you look. Left Mouse Button: Fire weapon right Mouse Button: Aim weapon Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateMay 14, 2020

112404 plays


almost 2 years ago

its got to much lag for me.beside the lag its ok


about 3 years ago

minecraft is better than this dum sorry, but it's better than the older version of this and I know I have not played this game because You know, "Minecraft Is Better Than This wierd Stuff"!!!? ;)


over 3 years ago

rip off of minecraft but free now

Joseph Janke

almost 4 years ago

This game is bacicly minecraft and fort night di mojang give them permission?!

Bakugou Katsuki

almost 4 years ago

This game is pretty bad, no offense tho because it kept making my screen lag and that is just bad. Either fix it or remove the game. This mix up of Fortnite and Minecraft is just so ridiculous and awful.


almost 4 years ago

omg you press play and it just shows an add


almost 4 years ago

No, just no. Minecraft and fortnite should not be together, Minecraft is the better game and that's it.


almost 4 years ago

It seems fun but the lag is so bad. And I think the players with weapons have an advantage (one click and the other person is x-x).


about 4 years ago

That guy wasn't even close and yet i died