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Crossy Cat



Game Description

Crossy Cat is a free clicker game. Like a cat, it is your responsibility to be a little cross and a little jumpy. In this game, you'll get to master the fine art of jumping across a void and collecting points as you go. This is an avoider and obstacle game that you will maneuver by clicking, holding, and jumping. Determine the game's inner physics and use them to your advantage as you avoid bombs and floating platforms to collect cheeseburgers and other fun things waiting for you in the middle of the screen. This game never ends until you die and the longer you're alive, the more you jump, and the more you collect, the higher your score will be. Every successful jump will trigger a new platform of challenges and rewards to be spawned. Trust in all of your nine lives and hold on in order to save yourself and succeed at crossing the void in this exciting clicker game. Avoid the bombs, and dodge the obstacles as you collect everything you need to become the ultimate fat cat.


On your desktop computer use your mouse to click and hold to build up energy then release to make the cat jump. On your mobile device tap and hold on to the screen to power up your cat and then jump.

Crossy Cat Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateDec 17, 2020

40490 plays


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