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Game Description

Rise Up is a free idle game. This game is the story of a lonely balloon trying to make its way to the top. Along the way, all sorts of balls, sticks, spikes, walls, and flying diamonds will try to stop it. Your job as the player will be to use a single dot a shield to smack dots, divert spikes, and upend walls. You will need to clear a path between the balloon and any obstacles and you will need to do it fast. While you're smashing dots on the left watch out for the spikes on the right. While you're punching your way through a wall you better make sure the flack doesn't bounce back and pop your balloon. 

The balloon only has one life. One hit. One-shot to turn it all around, rise up and make it to the top. You will be assigned points based on how many levels you are able to rise up. In order to rise up the most levels, you will have to protect the balloon. 


Click down with your mouse or hold down with your finger and do not release this will form a bubble around your finger or pointer. This bubble is now the protector for the balloon. Your job is to protect the balloon from being popped as it rises up through the level. Your score is based on how many levels you can go up.

Rise Up - Level Up Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateDec 26, 2019

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