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Number Sequencer is a free puzzle game. Numbers work best when they go in sequence. Everybody knows this, we all agree that our favorite numbers exist in chronological or reverse chronological sequences. Number Sequence is a game that takes full advantage of this and optimizes the satisfaction of laying numbers out or rolling them back in a specific manner at specific points. Number Sequence is a puzzle game where you don't need to know math (ew) instead you need to know which came first, the 5 or the 6? Number Sequence forces you to place numbers one after the other in sequence in order to reach a pre-determined point. At first, this is easy but eventually, you don't even know exactly what those pre-determined points are or how the numbers in front of you all connect. That is where the puzzle aspect kicks in, that is where the thinking, the strategy, and all the fun stuff actually happens. We are happy to have you on the team, the team of sequencing numbers, the team of people who compete with each other by sequencing numbers, and ultimately the victor at the end of the game and the top of the leaderboard.  


On your desktop computer or mobile device use your finger to point, tap, and drag or your mouse to point and click. Your goal is to drag a sequence of numbers from point a to point b and make sure they all fit.

Number Sequencer Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateOct 14, 2021
DeveloperElio Landa

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