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Balls And Bricks



Game Description

Balls And Bricks is a free shooter game. Take aim and blast away in this exciting, fast-paced shooter game where you'll be tasked with the goal of blasting your way through as many bricks with as few balls as possible. Use geometry to your advantage and bank your shots at exactly the right angle to maximize your total output. In this game, you'll have to choose between earning new balls or smashing the descending bricks. You are using the power of physics and geometry to bounce balls, bank them off walls, and snipe them in between crevasses in order to break as many bricks as possible. Each of the bricks has a numerical value on them which is their hit point counter. You will need to use your stream of balls to hit the brick that many times before it disappears. Collect balls, bank your shots, and use geometry and physics to blast your way to the top of the leader board in this fun and challenging shooter game.


On your desktop computer use your mouse to aim the ball and then press the left mouse button to shoot. You want to decrease the hit points of each individual brick and thus destroy it before it has the opportunity to reach the bottom of the screen. On your mobile device, you have the same goals but will interact with the game by using your mouse to tap, hold, and release.

Balls And Bricks Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateDec 3, 2020

234036 plays


almost 2 years ago

Why don't I get awarded the gems at the end of each game? It says, for example, Levels played 50 gems 21 but that 21 is meaningless.

Dell TM

over 2 years ago

I like it


over 2 years ago

It freeze most of the time when I got to level 290


over 2 years ago

How do you raise the difficulty?


almost 3 years ago

I made a perfect 300 score and my name isn't showing on top of the All-Time Best Score. Why? I took video just to prove it. lol


over 3 years ago

How do I beat my high score????


over 3 years ago

I love it!