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Angry Flappy Wings



Game Description

Angry Flappy Wings is a free clicker game. You're a bird, you're armed, you can barely fly and you're really mad. Welcome to the wild world of Angry Flappy Birds. A game where you fly, you shoot, and you dodge walls, other birds, barriers, and the projectiles fired at you by the enemy birds. Choose your favorite flavor of feather and take to the sky. This game is all about how far you can fly, though it is categorized as an endless runner game. You'll start the game off armed with a standard-issue bird-shooter which is serviceable and gets the job done but as the game goes on you'll be able to upgrade it to an automatic, a multi-directional shooter, and the ultimate bomb launching weapon which neutralizes and atomizes the barriers and enemies before they can get to you.


Angry Flappy Wings is a game of reflex and spacial reasoning. Determine your flight path, stick to it, and let your auto-fire do al the work as you dodge, weave, dive and float your way into the history books.


On a mobile device use your finger to tap the screen and keep the bird aloft. On your desktop computer click your left mouse button to keep the bird afloat. Your weapon is on auto-fire. Navigate towards various upgrades.

Angry Flappy Wings Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateJul 2, 2020

19895 plays


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