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Top Instant Games
What are Instant games?
Instant games are ready for you to play right now! No software to install, just pick up and play right away with a wide variety of games available for your web browser or mobile device.
Our collection of instant games are fast, fun, free and ready to play at the click of your mouse or the tap of your fingers. Whether you're accessing our site from a desktop browser or your mobile device you'll be able to jump into our massive collection of Instant Games. This category includes physics based puzzle games like the classic Golf Blast or Street Ball Star but this is not a sports section. Instant games are any kind of game that plays fast and has a low barrier for entry with quick, simple game play and addictive mechanics that offer a depth of strategy. You won't ever be bored in the Instant Games section because you can play through many games whether you like clicker style games like Jelly Up or more target practice games like Kick Master. Instant Games are games for everyone and with new ones being added every week you'll never have to go anywhere else to play them. Get ready for a world of fun that starts instantly.