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Happy Farm



Game Description

Happy Farm is a puzzle game that is easy and fun to play! Click on 2 or more matching tiles that are connected either vertically or horizontally to make them disappear. The more matching tiles you connect, the better your score. This online game is a cute and colorful matching game that contains tiles with unique designs. There are 150 levels of this casual online game for you to play! As you unlock each level, you will also unlock boosts that will help advance your score. For instance, find an ax that you can use to remove a single tile that is blocking matching tiles. Use each boost wisely because you are only allotted a specific amount for each level. Find boosts amount the tiles as well like a rocket that can blow out a column or row. Submit your score to see where you rank against other players!


To play this puzzle game, select 2 matching tiles to make them disappear. Fill up the bar in the left panel with the allotted amount of moves. If you run out of moves before you gain enough energy, you cannot advance to the next level. You can find the level, score, and the number of moves in the righthand panel.

Happy Farm Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateOct 15, 2020
DeveloperNeon Games

26422 plays


almost 3 years ago

To restart, go to "Settings" and get the option. This is a good one for kids and peaceful people. You can put some thinking into it and be efficient, but most levels are hard to lose.


almost 3 years ago

Pleasant thinking game. I want my kid to play it. How can I clear and restart?


about 3 years ago

Game is fun. But can be improved.