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Rush Matrix is a free clicker game. It turns out all the tech-nerds were right! We are living in a matrix, a Rush Matrix that is! Thrill to the sci-fi puzzle adventure that is 'Rush Matrix' as you move, smash and increase your score in increasingly clever and heart pounding ways. You'll have to think fast and react even faster as you slink your way through a bubble puzzle of increasingly complex and puzzling races. Each level goes on as long as you're alive and the only way to win is to grind, Climb, and devastate the competition. This is a game about speed and agility. You need to dodge, avoid, and pick up the items you like. This is a game of skill for true champions of the genre. You can prove yourself to the competition by out playing them in this slinky game of rushing through a matrix.


On your mobile computer or desktop device please use your finger to tap and drag or your mouse to point, click, and slide.

Rush Matrix Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateApr 14, 2022

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