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Flappybird Classic



Game Description

Flappybird Classic is an online clicker game that looks deceivingly easy. Navigate a funny-looking orange bird through green pipes of various lengths and heights. Your character flies across the blue sky with skyscrapers far in the background. The objective of the game is to pass as many points as possible without running into or hitting any pipes. The more points you pass, the better your score. If you fall or run into a pipe, you lose the game! This is the kind of game you play over and over again.  At the end of each game session, you will receive your most recent score and best score. Click on the leaderboard to see if your score is good enough to place and be at the top! Play again to beat your score as you rise up the leaderboards and beat all your friends! Play this classic clicker game on your phone or computer for hours of addictive fun!


On a mobile device tap the screen in order to make the bird flap and dodge the green pipes. On your desktop use your mouse to click and make the bird flap. Click on the screen when you want to lift the bird up and let go when you need to glide down.

Flappybird Classic Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateApr 30, 2020

164893 plays


over 3 years ago

I am quite dissapointed my son couldn't even beat that stinky boy ryans score!!! they both need to work on their flappy bird skills and git good.... tell Cecile I send kisses by the way <333


over 3 years ago



almost 4 years ago


game grums

almost 4 years ago



almost 4 years ago



almost 4 years ago

Matt Watson and Ryan Magee, from SuperMega? ...Never heard of them


almost 4 years ago

this game suxxxxx..


almost 4 years ago

I love that the scores are mostly people coming from SuperMega!


almost 4 years ago

I hate supermega :(((


almost 4 years ago

Supermega more like stinkymega lol 8)