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Slime Love



Game Description

Slime Love is an adorable clicker game based on love! These star-crossed lovers just want to be together but one is stuck in an unusual puzzle room. Your objective is to figure out how to grab the love key and then hop on out of the area into the portal that will appear. There are obstacles that you may need to hop over as your character goes left and right after it hits the wall or other thing. There are 30 levels in this fun puzzle game that are waiting to be solved by you. Sometimes there are then one love keys that you need to grab in order to open the special portal that will take you back to your love. If you get yourself killed in the name of love, don’t worry! You can replay the level as many times as you need to figure out the best way to get to your goal. Play this online game about a slime in love that wants to return to his beloved. After you pass each level, the next one will be more difficult than the last.



To play this clicker game, click on the screen whenever you need to hop to avoid obstacles.

Slime Love Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateMar 19, 2020

34229 plays


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