Popcorn Burst



Game Description

Popcorn Burst is a free clicker game. Whether you're at the movies, feeding birds in the park, or just relaxing with some of your favorite hot buttered carbs we can all agree that Popcorn is the superior popped grain snack. Besides being tasty and delicious, Popcorn is also an addictive clicker game that will put your patience to the test. In Popcorn, you'll be clicking and holding in order to optimize the batch of popped kernels that you're making. Each level is a puzzle that requires you to reach a certain threshold of popped kernels and guide them to a certain goal line without spilling any. Each level is unique and they become progressively harder the longer you play. All you have to do as a player is click and hold at strategic times in strategic places in order to finish the level. The layout of each level and the speed at which the kernels pop may fluctuate so while the game seems simple you'll actually be making small but crucial choices throughout the game which will affect your ability to pass or fail the level. In these games points are important but you can fail so hard that you simply don't make it to the next level. So, warm up the butter, grab the salt and get popping!


If you are on mobile use your finger to tap and hold on the screen. If you are on desktop, click and hold with your mouse.

Popcorn Burst Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateFeb 6, 2020

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The Wither Rose

over 3 years ago

Um, how is level 13 possible?....


over 3 years ago

Made it through all the levels but doesn't give you the option to play it again or choose a level to try to better your score