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Top Idle Games
What are Idle games?
Idle games for idle hands.
Idle games are free clicker games with low engagement from the player. We are surrounded by screens. Mobile screens, tablet screens, television screens, the black mirror is everywhere, the black mirror sees all. That is why it is nice to have access to a simple game that doesn't require you to fully invest in one screen or one activity at a time. Idle games are perfect for people who like the experience of upgrades, leveling up, and moving through an open world but don't have the bandwidth to learn a bunch of new mechanics and just sit down and focus on one screen at a time. In idle games you can build an empire, you can play a character, tap your way to the top of the leaderboards or expand your enterprises simply by tapping and tapping. You don't even have to be fully invested to reap the rewards often attributed to more complex games. Idle games are good for casual gamers who don't want to get in over their heads with a sprawling RPG or a city builder but they also work for long-time gamers who want to chill out between campaigns and rest on their laurels a bit. Whoever you are and why-ever you game, you can be certain that idle games will offer you twice the satisfaction with half of the investment, and that is a promise