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Rotate the device into portrait mode to play this game.

Pet Round-Up



Game Description

Pet Round-up is a free matching game. Pets are great, we all love pets. Many people have pets or have had pets and many people will continue to own or purchase new pets going on into the future. Pets are a natural treasure and a national resource. Where would we be without pets? Pets are cool! In Pet Round-Up a bunch of pets have escaped from their babysitting pen. Your job is to collect all of the like pets and return them to the pen. The problem is that a lot of the pets look alike and they are all running around in a pretty chaotic and confusing world. Now you must figure out the pets who are all the same and then connect them via a single unbroken line. While you're drawing the line some pets may run off and some new ones might show up and you might be distracted or tempted to start a new line in order to get a better score but you must resist the temptation. Stay strong and stay true to the pets that you've begun collecting. It is all about collecting.


On your desktop computer use your mouse to point, click, and hold on the screen in order to string a line through all of the pets you want. On your mobile device please use your finger to point, tap, and draw a line through all of the animals in order to collect them.

Pet Round-Up Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateNov 4, 2021
DeveloperTrue Valhalla

16773 plays


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