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Paper Plane



Game Description

Paper Plane is a flappy-style action game that will keep you entertained! Everyone remembers making paper planes as a little kid with our friends. We’d all try to see who could fly their paper plane the furthest. Relive your childhood with this game about a paper plane flying across a light blue sky against the white outline of simply drawn mountains. Avoid running into the vertical blue lines as you tap on the screen to navigate your paper plane while exciting music pumps you up in the background. Guide your paper plane as far as you can while earning points for every obstacle you pass. Play the game over and over while beating your best score each time.


To play this action game, use your mouse or finger to tap on the screen like your typical flappy-style game. Tap to make the plane rise up and let it go to let it dropdown. Avoid flying into the vertical blue lines or else you lose that game session and have to start over. Tap on the trophy icon to look at where you stand on the leaderboards. You can turn on the music in the upper lefthand corner of the main menu.

Paper Plane Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateNov 7, 2019

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