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Tower Town is a stacking game. Imagine an entire town built into just one tower. In Tower Town, you make it happen. Tower Town is a stacking game that takes out on a tour of the world as you build up new civilizations. The world is running out of space so you can only build up. Your hand-eye coordination will have to be on lock as you measure the speed and width of the swinging tower floors and drop them precisely on target. Each time you miss the base you'll shrink the overall size of your potential target for the next turn. This makes the game increasingly hard as you try to build up your tower on a smaller and smaller base, so, be sure to be accurate or you'll run out of room real fast. You'll score points for reaching a certain pre-determined height of tower and bonus points for ensuring that the tower is as wide as possible. Remember, when there is no more space on the ground, the only way to go is up!


Use the left mouse button to initiate the dropping of a new floor on to your base. The floors will swing from left to right, you need to identify when they will be over the top of the base and click to release. The goal is to keep as much of the new floor on the base without it falling off the sides. Stack the tower as high as you can and receive bonus points for width.

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Release DateSep 5, 2019

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