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Tower Mania is a casual stacking game based on ancient architecture. Come visit ancient Rome, Greece, or Egypt with these colorfully animated towers for our fun stacking game. Your objective is to build your tower as high as you can while earning coins for boosters and unlocking new backgrounds. Use your coins to unlock boosters like headstart, coin multiplier, and insurance that can help you get further in the game each time. You can also use your coins to unlock 3 other towers, showcasing different architectures, that are available for gameplay. Check out the leaderboard to see if you’re the best stacker on AddictingGames! Don’t stop until you’re at the top of this online game’s scoreboard. This online game is great to play on both mobile and desktop devices.


To play this strategy game, using your mouse or finger, click on the screen when you want to stop the slab of concrete. Your goal is to line up the piece of tower exactly to the one below it. If you make an error, a piece of the tower is cut off, and the game becomes more difficult. If you completely miss the tower below, you lose that session and have to start over.

Tower Mania Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateSep 26, 2019

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