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Game Description

Rotate is a free idle game. This is the story of a square who spun his way from one side of a spike-covered circle to the other and lived to tell the story. Rotate is a unique take on idle games. In Rotate you'll be in charge of the fate of a single square. The square is trapped within circle and that circle is filled with spikes. AAll you have to do is navigate and guide the square within the circle so that it intersects with floating green squares. These floating green squares are the real prize for this is how you score. You can stay alive for as long as you want within the circle, but it's all about the squares if you wanna win. This is a game of concentration and precision. You must know when to spin the circle so you can rebound the square way from the spikes and into the victory cubes. It's an absolute blast once you get the hang of it but also a terribly difficult game to master. Simple rules, elegant interface, and minimal graphics. The kind of thing you can learn in a minute and play for a lifetime. This is the beauty of rotate, this is the tragedy of rotate.


Press down anywhere outside the circle in order to activate the cyclotron. Once the circle is rotating you'll bounce and deflect the square within to avoid spikes and collect cubes.

Rotate Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateJul 17, 2018
DeveloperOnduck Games

41545 plays


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