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Electric Man 2



Game Description

Electric Man 2 is the sequel to the action stickman game, Electric Man. You're in a tournament against other stickmen who are trying to beat you for the grand prize. Beat out every one of these stickmen using your electrifying power moves. There are no rules and several rounds with a varying of opponents that you need to defeat. Your goal is to keep your title and be the best of the stickmen universe. 



Electric Man 2 requires the use of a keyboard to belt out all your awesome moves. Use the left and right arrow keys to move left and right. Use the down arrow key to dodge or cartwheel out of a bad situation. You can use the keys A, S, and D to punch, kick, and grab. However, if you want something with more power use Q, W, and E for the slow-motion version of those same action moves. These are stronger moves but they'll also use up your battery points. Your battery points will need time to recharge so use them wisely. At the beginning of this action game, you'll get the option to name your character, chose a color, and choose the difficulty. If you've never played, you'll also have a tutorial to teach you how to use your moves.

Electric Man 2 Gameplay

Content RatingTeen+
Release DateJan 31, 2007
DeveloperDX Interactive

24804126 plays


over 1 year ago



over 2 years ago

Some levels are impossible to pass, i dont know why


over 2 years ago

Fun to play again after all these years. But is very buggy, I have to keep clicking the pictures to paly.


over 2 years ago

There is alot of bugs that need to be fixed but other than that its my favorite game ever


over 4 years ago



about 5 years ago

It's very funny and exciting!

Doody Mc Dood

over 5 years ago

❤ it! :D


over 5 years ago

you can win by holding down the E key

Soccer AllStar

over 5 years ago

yolo it ok


over 5 years ago

yeah! Nice :D