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Goblin Run



Game Description

Goblin Run is a free mobile platform game. You might never escape the jungle but that doesn't mean you should stop running. Ahead of you, there is nothing but the future. It is unwritten. It is a paradise of possibilities and you can only get there and make your dreams come true by running. Endlessly running in this goblin themed endless runner game.  there are coins to collect and the fun and adventure of jumping off and on of platforms. Use your tiny goblin muscles to jump over spikes, dodge pits, and traps, and collect as many coins as you can. As you run you can chow down on yummy roasts in order to activate your valued 'double-jump' power. Run your green goblin legs through this platform maze and unlock the secrets of. good time in this free, fun, plaatform game where you run till you die.


If you are on a desktop device use the left mouse button to jump. Your goblin character will autorun, you only need to decide when to jump. If you are on a mobile device your goblin will automatically run. You need to tap in order to jump. Collect ham in order to double jump and collect coins to win.

Goblin Run Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateAug 6, 2020

41324 plays


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