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Game Description

Perfect Piano is a free typing game. Improve your typing skills and jam out to some dope piano beats in this desktop and mobile reflex base game. Perfect Piano is an easy to learn impossible to master reflex game where you must type out the notes as they fly by. The game is over if you miss even one note but the better you are the longer you will play and the higher your score will be. This game requires the perfect synthesis of hand-eye co-ordination and timing in order to perfectly tap your way through dozens of never-ending classic songs. twinkle twinkle little star is the song that starts the game and you'll be tap, tap, tapping right along as you slowly move your way up the leaderboard. Don't be discouraged by an early loss here or there, this is a game which will require focus and attention. Eventually, you will get better and take your place side by side with other musical legends in the Valhalla of our sitewide leaderboard system.


On a mobile device use your fingers to tap on the notes as they scroll by. The longer you wait to tap on them before they slide off the screen the more they will be worth. Miss just one note and its game over. On your desktop computer, use the J,H,G,F keys to trigger the appropriate notes on the screen.

Perfect Piano Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateJul 9, 2020

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over 2 years ago

it teaches me how to play a piano


almost 3 years ago

it is good


about 3 years ago

it boring


about 3 years ago

(spoken in a highly sarcastic tone): Gee... thanks for teaching me how to spell fghj in all it's variations... You're not teaching typing or music. Just a memory game...