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Angry Flappy Birds



Game Description

Angry Flappy Birds is a free physics game. Imagine the synergy that might happen by combining two bird related games together. Angry Birds and Flappy Birds. In Angry Flappy Birds you will first launch your bird through a moderate obstacle course and then using the tap tap tap motions of Flappy Birds in order to keep the bird afloat. Just tap to avoid the tubes and pipes. This is a game for people who love games. Specifically, those other games: Angry Birds and Flappy birds. If you like those games you will love this and if you don't like them then you'll probably like this because it is different than them. So, in many ways this is the perfect game. It is an objectively perfect game in that regaurd.


On your mobile device or desktop computer use your finger or the mouse to click or tap on the bird and draw it back then launch it. While it is in the air you'll have to tap to keep it afloat.

Angry Flappy Birds Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateSep 1, 2022

4234 plays


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