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Soldiers Fury



Game Description

Soldiers Fury is a free shooter game. In this game, you will help a lowly soldier of fortune become a soldier of fury and maybe if you're lucky, a soldier of fame. Soldier Fury is an endless shooter game where you will wade through dozens of enemies and just never stop shooting. That is all you do.  Pick up different weapons, pick up health packs, collect upgrades, cool stuff like that. It is actually a lot of fun and you're gonna like it. So, lock and load and let's go because this is a game of kings, a game of queens, and a game of shooters. If you have the grit, the gunpowder, and the guts maybe you'll be able to turn some of that soldier's fury into some soldier's fortune. If not you might wind up blown to bits at the boots of your enemies. Either way, you'll probably have a lot of fun getting there and know that we are beside you every step of the way in spirit.


On your desktop computer, you will have to use your mouse or arrow pad to move the soldier left or right. On your mobile device use your finger to point, tap and control the soldier.

Soldiers Fury Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateJan 28, 2021

104059 plays


almost 3 years ago

like those game made by nintendo


about 3 years ago

cool game