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Overlords New Mansion



Game Description

Overlords New Mansion is a platform puzzle game. Welcome to the Overlords New Mansion. This is a platforming game about the trials and tribulations of one lonely knight and his fairy friend making their way through the Overlords New Castle. This is a castle full of spikes, ramps, speeder platforms, and disappearing brick. As hard as it is to visit any drafty old castle, the life-threatening challenges in this game are a terrifying, death-defying assault on your senses and you'll only be able to survive with the guidance of your fairy friend and your own quick reflexes. Learn how to power jump by reading scrolls found throughout the castle. You can also learn several other tricks like how to view more of the screen than normal, power jump, and even super ttack. This is a challenging game full of obstaacles which will require you to live, die and repeat. Try to figure out the specific pattern it takes to overcome every new chaallenge. An exciting challenging game about taking on the world and leaving it behind you.


Use the W,A,S,D or Arrow Keys to move or Jump. The S key can be used to view down the screen. The C key can be used to view ahead of you. You can activate the power jump by pressing the jump key and the left mouse button at the same time.

Overlords New Mansion Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateNov 21, 2019

30225 plays


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